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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle told Shawn that she didn’t have a defense for her case. He said they had footage of Jan walking around the hospital while she was supposed to be in a coma. Belle said that didn’t prove she killed Charlie. He said they had to make her confess to it. Jan talked to Trask about the case. Trask told her that Belle had a right to a trial just like her. Jan said that the evidence was admissible against Belle. Julie was upset at the idea of Gwen moving in the house. Jack tried to explain to her why Gwen was moving there. Julie told him how Gwen destroyed Abby’s life and shouldn’t be living there. He wanted her to give Gwen a chance. Abby let Chad and Gabi know that she was going to stay with her mother in Boston for a while. Chad asked her if she was leaving because of them. Gabi told him that Abby was leaving because of Gwen. She tried to talk Abby out of leaving town. She didn’t think she should leave town because of Gwen. Ben went to Belle and Shawn’s place and ran into Claire. He wanted to talk to Belle about the divorce papers that Ciara sent him. She told him about Belle’s trial coming up. He forgot about it and wanted to find another attorney. Claire stopped him from leaving and told him that she would help him. Ben told Claire that Ciara filed for divorce. Shawn told Belle that he would seduce Jan into a confession. Belle said she wasn’t going to let him seduce her. She said she would rather go to prison. Jan showed up while they were talking. Gabi told Abby that she shouldn’t leave. Gabi said she would keep an eye on Gwen. Abby thanked her for stopping her from stabbing Gwen. She said it wasn’t a wise move. Gabi left Abby and Chad alone to talk. Chad told Abby he didn’t want her to go. Jack told Julie that Gwen was his daughter. He said she suffered a terrible trauma. Julie said Gwen slept with her sister’s husband and got pregnant. Julie said that the men in the family believed every lie that came out of Gwen’s mouth. Julie left the room. Gwen told Jack that Julie was right. Gwen said she lied about what happened the day she lost the baby.

Julie ran into Gabi and told her that Jack moved Gwen into the house. Gabi wondered if he would be so fatherly if he knew he ran Abby out of town. Jack wanted to know what Gwen lied about. Gwen said Abby said terrible things to her before she fell. She said she wanted to hurt Abby as much as she hurt her. She said that was why she said Abby pushed her down the stairs. He asked what happened. Gwen told him what happened when she fell down the stairs. She said Abby didn’t push her. She said it was an accident. Belle pretended to argue with Shawn about someone framing her while Jan was watching them. Ben told Claire that he could convince Ciara not to divorce him. Claire said she wasn’t going to let him do that. He wanted her to give him the phone. She said he was going to push Ciara away. He said he had to do whatever it took to bring Ciara home. Gwen apologized for lying to Jack. She said Abby was right. She said it was her responsibility to protect her child. She said Julie was right about her finding somewhere else to live. Jack said she wasn’t leaving. Chad told Abby that he gave her reason to walk away from the marriage. He apologized. He said he believed her. He said he believed that she didn’t mean for Gwen to fall and lose her child. Abby thanked him for saying that. She said she didn’t know if she believed herself. Julie asked Gabi if Abby was really leaving. Gabi agreed with her. Gabi said Gwen ruined her life when she framed her for drugging Abby. Shawn and Belle continued to argue in front of Jan. Belle ended up leaving. Belle ran into Trask. Trask asked her if she was enjoying her last days of freedom. Jan apologized to Shawn for what Belle did. He told her that Belle shouldn’t have killed Charlie despite what he did. Claire told Ben that he understood that he wanted to bring Ciara back but ambushing her wasn’t the way. She said he needed to trust that Ciara would come back to him. He asked what would happen if that didn’t happen. Jack told Gwen she wasn’t leaving. He said she was his daughter and they were family. He said owned her mistakes and told him the truth. He said when she had faith in herself, she and Abby would get along. He said she would find joy in her life. He said she wasn’t alone anymore. Julie showed up and told Jack that Abby was leaving town. Abby told Chad that she wanted Gwen’s baby gone when she found out she was pregnant. She said she grabbed Gwen and told her to get out of her life. She said his baby was gone. He said she was upset about the pregnancy. She said she let her anger for Gwen ruin an innocent baby’s life. She said he looked at her like a stranger. She said she let Gwen turn her into someone she didn’t want to be. Gwen went to see Dr. Snyder. He told her that she lied about her miscarriage. He said he wasn’t comfortable about it. Trask told Belle that she was going to go down for Charlie’s murder.

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