Days Short Recap Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami and Lucas argued over sleeping together. She blamed him for why they slept together. Rafe blamed himself for why Kristen was on the loose. Gabi tried to tell him it wasn’t his fault, but he said he should have listened to Lucas when he told him about Kate. Nicole went to Xander’s room to get her wedding ring. Kristen hid in the bathroom before Nicole could see her. Nicole told Xander no one must know that they slept together. Sami admitted that she shouldn’t have slept with Lucas. She said it wasn’t his responsibility to stop her from cheating on her husband. Lucas teased her for admitting that he was right. Kristen overheard Nicole telling Xander not to tell anyone that they slept together. He agreed not to say anything. Lucas’ phone started to ring. Nicole wanted to know if someone was in the room. Eli told Lani that Kristen escaped prison. He said she switched places with Susan. Lani wanted to know when that happened. He said February. He said she thought Chloe was trying to be with Brady so she switched. Lani told him that when she went to see Kristen, Kristen was acting funny. Lani said she hasn’t heard from Kristen. He said Kristen was in a lot of trouble. He said she kidnapped and assaulted Kate. Rafe told Gabi that he was going to go to the DiMera mansion to see what was going on. Gabi said she was going with him. Lucas told Sami that he was worried about Kate. Sami said Kate was going to be okay. Xander told Nicole that his phone was the one that was ringing. She reminded him that she no one could know about them. When Nicole left, Kristen told him about helping her. He said he wasn’t doing it. She said he was broke and she knew information about them. He said he didn’t care if it came out. He said Nicole was the one who didn’t want it to come out. He said he would pay money to see Eric’s face when he found out they slept together. He said she would have to kill people on her own.

Xander let Kristen know that he wasn’t going to help her. She said she couldn’t kill everyone on her own. He said she would have to. He told her it was time to leave. Nicole went to see Ava. Nicole told her she made a terrible mistake. Ava wanted to know what was wrong. Nicole said she and Eric got in an argument. She said she ended up getting drunk and cheated on him. Eli told Lani that Kate was in a coma because of Kristen. Lani said she understood what she did to Haley, but she didn’t understand why she did this. He said he wanted Kristen in custody. Lani said she hasn’t reached out to her. He asked what would happen if she did. Lani said she wouldn’t take the risk. She said she would never hurt the twins. He offered to take them to Abe’s place. Rafe and Gabi went to the DiMera mansion. He wanted to check the rest of the house. Ava asked who Nicole cheated on Eric with. Nicole said it didn’t matter. Ava said she wished she called before she did it. Nicole said she didn’t want to interrupt her date. Ava said she and Rafe would have been okay. Nicole said she made a terrible mistake. The manager at the Inn told Xander he had until the end of the day to pay the rent or he was out. Kristen offered him money to solve his problem. She said she needed proof that Sami and Lucas were dead. Rafe and Gabi saw Xander at the mansion. Xander said he was there to ask Jake for a job. Kristen listened to the message Rafe left for him. He said Kate was in a coma and Kristen was the one who did it. Sami and Lucas started arguing about wanting to get out of the cellar. Xander came in the room. Sami and Lucas thought they were getting rescued, but Xander said he had other plans for them.

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