Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 17, 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Tara and Harrison crashed Summer and Kyle’s engagement party. She told Kyle that Sally told her where to find him. He didn’t want to leave the party to deal with the issue, but Summer insisted that they go talk to Tara. Nick asked Phyllis what was going on with Tara and Kyle. Phyllis claimed she wasn’t sure. He told her he suspected that she knew more than she was letting on. Tara wanted to talk to Kyle in private, and though he didn’t want to exclude Summer, Summer granted Tara’s wish. Tara told Kyle that Ashland tricked her into believing he wouldn’t be angry if she told him the truth. When she fessed up about the affair, he turned on her and threatened to make sure she lost custody of Harrison. Tara didn’t tell Ashland that Harrison was Kyle’s son. She wanted Kyle to hide her and Harrison until she figured out what to do. Summer confronted Sally about sending Tara to interrupt the engagement party. Sally said she didn’t bring Tara to town – Tara asked Sally where to find Kyle, because it was an emergency. Sally suggested that Kyle would be unfaithful to Summer, and Summer slapped her.

Mariah and Jack tried to keep Abby’s spirits raised about Chance. Abby was confident that Chance would come home as soon as he could. Chloe blamed Adam for sending Chelsea to the psych ward, and she didn’t believe he was sincere about changing. Chloe didn’t want Adam being around Chelsea. Adam said he’d tell the authorities that Chloe helped frame him if she stood in his way of visiting Chelsea. He thought that he could become a better person partially through helping Chelsea. Chloe thought it’d be best for Connor and Chelsea if he stayed away from Chelsea. Adam was going to call the hospital to check on Chelsea, but he changed his mind. Rey apologized to Sharon for thinking she’d have an affair with Adam. Sharon apologized for sending Rey mixed signals and not enforcing the boundaries he set with Adam. They made up, and he moved back in. Michael visited Chelsea and her lawyer in hopes of getting a statement. Chelsea was uncooperative and refused to give a statement, because she said Adam could pay people off and keep her trapped there forever. She pretended to be too sick to talk anymore, so Michael left. Chelsea and her lawyer were in cahoots, and he signaled her that Michael was gone, so she could stop faking her headache. Once she was alone, Chelsea lamented the position she was in, and she blamed Sharon for destroying her life.


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