Days Short Recap Monday, May 17, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jake found Kate on the floor. Gabi came in and wanted to know what he was doing when he was trying to help her. He said someone tried to take Kate out. He said she had a gash on her head. Kristen (dressed as Kate) went to see Xander. She told him she needed his help. Rafe told Eli that Kristen was posing as Susan. Eli wanted to know how long it was going on. Rafe said since February. Rafe said Brady was on his way to tell them when he got in a car accident. Rafe said Kristen was dangerous because people knew about her. He said they had to find her. Gabi called Rafe and told him that Kristen tried to kill Kate. Chanel talked to Lani about kissing her friend. Lani thought it was a guy until Chanel said it was a female. Lani asked if she was with girls before. Chanel said she was with a few. Lani asked if Paulina would be okay with it. Chanel said she would be. She asked Lani if she was okay with it. Allie talked to Nicole about Chanel kissing her. Kristen told Xander that he dressed up as Kate to break up her relationship with Jake. He asked if she killed her. Kristen said she locked Kate up and broke up with Jake. She said she was going to put her on a deserted island. She said Kate escaped. Xander wanted to know if she killed Kate. Kristen said she didn’t. She said she attacked Sami, Lucas and Chloe. He asked if she killed them. She said she didn’t, but she needed his help.

Chanel asked Lani if she was upset that she was into girls. Lani said she would never judge her for who she wanted to be with. Chanel said she seemed put off. Lani said she was surprised. Lani told Chanel that she and Kristen were nuns in a convent. She said people thought she and Kristen were together. Lani wanted to know if Chanel and the girl were together. Allie told Nicole that Tripp saw her kiss Chanel. Allie told her what happened when Tripp and Claire showed up. Allie said she didn’t want Tripp to think something was going on between her and Chanel because she was interested in Tripp. Nicole said she thought she was interested him. Rafe and Eli showed up at the hospital. Jake told them that Kristen kidnapped Kate and was going to take her out of town. Eli asked what Kristen had against Kate. Jake said she didn’t want Kate to be with him. Rafe wanted to know where they found Kate. Jake said she was in Gabi’s room. Rafe wanted to know why. Gabi said he was in bed with her. Kristen told Xander to kill Chloe, Lucas and Sami because they knew too much. He wanted to know why he should help her. She said she had a lot of money and he was broke. Chanel told Lani that Allie wasn’t interested in her. She said she saw Allie kiss Tripp. She hoped she didn’t ruin their friendship. Allie asked Nicole if she was crazy to think that she and Tripp could be together. Kristen reminded Xander that he and Victor made her think Rachel was dead. She said she wouldn’t have turned crazy and would be with her daughter. She said that was why she hated. Xander wanted to know why she couldn’t get someone else to do it. She said there was no one else. She said Brady couldn’t find out. She said he was in a car accident. She said if she wanted a future with Brady, the others would have to die. Jake told Rafe that Kate broke up with him, but it was Kristen. Eli asked if he realized it was Kristen in a Kate mask. Jake said he didn’t know that kind of stuff went on in Salem. Gabi said she and Jake were together because he realized he loved her. When Kayla showed up, Jake asked how Kate was. Xander didn’t want to help Kristen. She said she had a lot of money. He still didn’t want to do it. She tried to convince him to do it. Kayla told everyone that Kate had trauma on her brain. She said she put Kate in an induced coma. Jake wanted to see her, but Kayla didn’t want him to see her right away. She wanted to check on Kate before he could see her.

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