Days Short Recap Friday, May 14, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas woke up so he and Sami talked about their kidnappings. She let Lucas know that Kate got away from Kristen. She said no one could find her. He blamed Sami for what happened to his mother since she gave in to Kristen’s blackmail. She couldn’t believe she cheated on EJ. She said she was as bad as Nicole. She said she saw her go to the Salem Inn with Xander. He didn’t think she would cheat on Eric. He could see why she did it since he wasn’t there for her. They ended up arguing about that as well as their relationship and EJ. Sami said sleeping with him was the worst mistake of her life. He told her if EJ couldn’t forgive her, then he didn’t deserve her. She was about to slap him, but he caught her hand. They ended up kissing. Chloe picked up the poker just as Kristen came from the passageway. Kristen tried to come up with excuses for why she was there. Marlena called Chloe to tell her the news about Brady. Kristen wanted to go to the hospital to see Brady. Chloe wanted to know why she was at the mansion. Kristen came up with excuses for why she was there, but she didn’t believe her. She decided to go to the cellar to check for herself. Kate walked in and caught Jake with Gabi. She was upset by what she saw. They wanted to know why she was there. She told them about Kristen pretending to be her. Gabi didn’t believe it at first. She reminded her what Kristen did when she pretended to be Nicole. Gabi realized she had a point. She told them what happened. She noticed how he jumped at the chance to be with Gabi. She left and he tried to stop her. She told him to be with Gabi.

Kate made her way downstairs and saw Kristen trying to stop Chloe from going to the tunnel. Kate told Chloe everything that Kristen did. Kristen tried to deny what she said, but Chloe believed it. She took off Kristen’s wig. She grabbed Chloe and put her in an arm lock. Gabi told Jake to go back to Kate. He told her that he meant what he said to her. He said he didn’t want to be with Kate. He wanted to be with her. She said she wanted him and not Stefan. Jake wanted to find Kate to see if she was okay. He also wanted to tell her they were finished. Brady told John how Kristen was impersonating Susan. Marlena walked in and they filled her in on Kristen. John wanted to find Kristen. Marlena thought she was in the chapel, but she was wrong. John wanted to call the police, but Brady asked her not to call them. He believed he could convince her to go back to prison. Marlena called Chloe to warn her about Kristen, but she didn’t answer. Marlena called Susan’s phone to tell her about Brady. Kristen didn’t answer the phone. She was worried about Sami so she called her too. Kristen wouldn’t answer the phone again. John and Marlena reminded Brady how Kristen was capable of hurting people. They wanted to call the police. Chloe got out of Kristen’s grip. Kristen picked up the poker and threatened Chloe and Kate. Later on, Jake walked in and saw Kate passed out on the floor. Kristen tied Chloe up and put her in the trunk of a car.

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