Days Short Recap May 12, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami saw Xander and Nicole going to the Salem Inn. Sami wondered what they were doing. She ran into John and Marlena. She told them Brady was in the hospital. Kristen dressed up like a nurse and told Chloe that she was prepping Brady for surgery. Chloe told Kayla that a nurse came in to prep him for surgery. Kayla wanted to know who the nurse was. Steve showed up while Rafe was on a date. Steve wondered who he was on a date with. Ava showed up and said it was her. She said she had a problem with them being on a date. Steve said he did. Chloe told Kayla that she didn’t know the nurse’s name. Kayla said she just got Brady scheduled for surgery so it was weird that the nurse was there. John and Marlena showed up at the hospital. He asked Kayla about Brady. She said they were prepping him for surgery. John wanted to see him. While Kristen was talking to Brady, John showed up and wanted to see him. Steve told Rafe he had to speak his mind about Ava. He said he may be the only person to tell him about her. He said she was obsessed with him. He said she ruined his life. He said she threatened Kayla and terrorized his whole family. Rafe didn’t want to hear what Steve had to say, but Ava told him to let Steve finish. Steve said he didn’t want to see him go down this road with Ava. Rafe said he appreciated him looking out for him. He said he was on a date. Ava said Steve had a right to say what he said because every word was true. Xander told Nicole that she had the hots for Rafe. She said she was a married woman. He said she was all over Rafe. He told her that she was lonely and into Rafe. Nicole admitted that she was.

Ava told Steve she couldn’t deny what he said. She said she ruined his life. She said she thought she was in love with him, but it was obsession. She said she didn’t know the difference. She said she never saw love growing up. She saw her father kill her mother. She said he drugged her and manipulated her. She said it wasn’t an excuse. She wanted both of them to understand that she made mistakes. She said she would never make them again. She wanted to be a better person for her son and herself. She wanted to apologize to Steve for everything she has done to him, Kayla and his entire family. She said she was truly sorry. Sami listened outside of Xander’s room. Kristen called her so she could meet her at the park. Sami said she was busy. Kristen told her to come now or her next call was going to be to EJ. Xander told Nicole that it was funny that she was into Rafe because he was on a date. Nicole said it was to Ava. Xander thought it was funny that Rafe was on a date with Ava. Nicole said they had a right to be on a date with each other. She said she should be happy for them, but she wasn’t. Xander said it was because she was jealous. She said she was. Sami met with Kristen in the park. Sami asked if she saw Brady. Kristen said she did until John came in. Sami asked how he was. Kristen said he was going into surgery. Sami wanted to know why she was there. Kristen said she needed her to help find Kate. Sami said she ran into her at the hospital unless it wasn’t her. Kristen said she didn’t know what she was talking about. Sami asked if she was sure. Kristen admitted that she was Kate. Sami wanted to know why. Kristen said it didn’t matter. Sami said she was leaving if she didn’t. Kristen said she kidnapped her and she escaped. Steve told Ava that he appreciated her apology, but he wasn’t ready to forgive her yet. He said he was looking out for his friend. He left so they could finish their date. Nicole tried to convince Xander that she loved her husband. He told him not to go after the good guys. He said he wasn’t worthy of a good guy. She said she wasn’t like him. He said the best decision she made was coming back to his room. Kristen told Sami that she put Kate in a duffel bag. Kristen said she and Kate were fighting and they got in an accident. Sami realized that she was the one who ran Brady off the road. Chloe told John and Marlena that Brady woke up and said Kristen wasn’t Kristen. Xander tried to get Nicole to sleep with him. When she was tired of listening to him, she kissed him. Kristen told Sami that she was the one who ran Brady off the road. Kristen wanted Sami to help her kidnap Kate. Sami didn’t want to do it because she didn’t want to hurt Lucas. Sami said Kate could be wandering around on the highway. Kristen said that was why she needed her help. Kristen stabbed Sami with the needle.

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