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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Bonnie told Justin about Belle’s arrest. Jan arrived and let them know that she knew about John’s recording. Bonnie was suspicious and wanted to know how she knew about that. Jan said Belle was her enemy so she followed the case to make sure she paid for her crime. Bonnie made fun of her for still having feelings for Shawn. She thought it was funny that her name would be Jan Brady if she married Shawn. Jan said she was the poor man’s version of Adrienne. Bonnie warned her not to underestimate Belle and she walked out. Shawn and Belle went to Marlena’s place and she told them that John was at the station. John was going to be charged with obstruction of justice because of Charlie’s murder. Belle knew was looking out for her and wanted to be there for John as his lawyer. Shawn didn’t think she should do that. Marlena let them know that Justin was representing John. They questioned how the police got the recording in the first place. Marlena told them that Jan showed up that day and probably tipped off Trask. Belle thought Jan set everything up. She thought it would make sense for Jan to kill Charlie. She thought Jan wanted her to go down for her crime. Shawn told her that Jan was in a coma when Charlie was killed.

John was at the police station with Trask. She questioned him about the recording. She played the recording of him saying Belle killed Charlie. She refused to let him treat her the way he did Rafe. She wanted him to make a statement about what he said in the recording. He refused to tell her anything without his lawyer. Justin showed up and told him not to say anything. She told John that Belle had to answer for John’s recording one way or another. Trask left the interrogation room. John let Justin know that he was afraid his recording wouldn’t be thrown out of court. He didn’t want to put his daughter in prison. They were determined to find out who framed Belle for murder. Chanel went to Lani’s place looking for a place to live. Lani wasn’t sure if she should help her. Chanel realized she made a mistake marrying Xander and trying to con her mother. She told Lani that she didn’t have anyone else since her mother hated her and Theo was gone. Lani wouldn’t let her move in, but she was going to help her find a job. Lani suggested she work at the police station. Chanel didn’t want to work with cops. She also suggested she be a nanny. Chanel felt it was too domestic for her. Lani told her that she would be homeless without a job. Chanel begged her for help again. Lani decided to let her stay on the couch until they figured something out.

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