Days Short Recap Thursday, May 6, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle talked to Shawn and Marlena about Jan being the one who set her up. Belle said Jan might have come out of her coma before April 1. She said the doctor said they noticed some improvement in Jan. Marlena said she could have been up to anything. Claire confronted Jan about wanting to marry her father. Jan said they could be family since Belle was going to jail. Claire said Belle wasn’t going to jail. Jan said Belle rid the world of a man like Charlie. She said they may not be friends, but they could be family. Allie and Chanel ran into each other. They knew each other from London. Nicole went to see Rafe so she could talk to him. Shawn asked Belle if she thought Jan woke up and murdered Charlie and snuck back in without anyone noticing her. Belle said she wouldn’t put anything past her. Marlena said it was possible, but she was being monitored 24/7. Belle and Shawn went to talk to Dr. Snyder to see if it was possible. Rafe told Nicole that he knew Ava told her that they kissed and they weren’t a good fit. Nicole said she misunderstood what she meant. She said she didn’t think it was right because she was in the mob and he’s a cop. She tried to explain what she meant. He told her he would find out if he and Ava were a fit because he was taking her out to dinner. Nicole told him she was jealous. Allie told Chanel that she was looking for jobs. Allie said she was turned down. Chanel suggested that they go out for drinks. Belle and Shawn went to see Dr. Snyder to ask if Jan woke up from her coma before April 1st. Dr. Snyder wanted to know why they were asking him that. Shawn pulled out his badge and said she was involved in a murder. Claire told Jan that Shawn wasn’t going to marry her. Jan said she couldn’t believe she was treating her like that after everything she did for her. Claire wanted to know what she did for her.

Dr. Snyder told Belle and Shawn that it was impossible for Jan to have gotten out of the coma on his watch. Shawn asked if they could look at the security footage. Dr. Snyder said he would need a warrant. Shawn said it would be bad for the hospital if he didn’t help them. Belle said it would look bad legally if he didn’t help them. Shawn said it would be less trouble to let them look at the footage. Jan told Claire that she listened to her when she talked about her issues. She said she stood by her and this was the thanks she got. Claire said they would never be friends. Jan said when she was her “bonus mama,” she would be kinder to her. Nicole told Rafe that she was jealous because of Eric being gone. Rafe said he should be home. Nicole said he was coming home any day now. Allie told Chanel that she had a baby. Chanel was shocked that she had a baby. Chanel wanted to know who was the father. Allie told her he was dead. Dr. Snyder showed Shawn and Belle the security footage of Jan’s room. Dr. Snyder left so they could look at the footage. While they were checking the footage, Belle noticed that Jan was awake before April. Jan told Claire that she cared about her when they met. Claire said she didn’t care about her. She said she used her to get to her father. Jan said she cared about her. Claire told her to stay away from her family. Belle and Shawn told Dr. Snyder that Jan snuck out of her room on Valentine’s Day. Dr. Snyder said Jan had to go to a lot of trouble. Belle said she had to. Dr. Snyder said the hospital wasn’t responsible for Jan’s actions. He told them to show themselves out. Belle wanted to get the footage to the police. Shawn said that was the last thing they should do. She wanted to know why he didn’t want to give Rafe the footage. He said Melinda had her as a suspect. She said they had proof that she was out of the coma. He said it didn’t prove that she killed Charlie. He said they had to get more proof.

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