Days Short Recap Friday, April 18, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena let John know that Belle made a deal with Jan. John was upset because he didn’t want her to be free to go after his family. They changed the subject and talked about Charlie’s murder. He wanted Marlena to hypnotize him. He wanted to remember what he did the night Charlie died. She didn’t want to do it, but she agreed to do it. She hoped she wouldn’t regret it. He wanted Marlena to record their session. She wanted it to be off the record, but he insisted she record the session. She pressed record so John started talking about what happened that night. He walked in the apartment and heard Charlie tell someone not to shoot him. He heard the gun go off at that point. He saw Charlie fall on the floor. He noticed someone wearing a red hooded coat. The person had the hood on their head. He came oit of hypnosis and didn’t like what he remembered. Claire went to see Jan at the hospital. She returned her healing crystals to her. She wanted Jan to rot in prison after what she did to her mother. Claire was about to leave when Jan stopped her. She apologized for what she did. She revealed to Claire that she was lonely. She told her that she was all she had. Jan thought she was replaced with Ciara. Claire let her know that Ciara hated her. Jan asked her if she wanted to be friends with her again. She reminded her how she helped her with Charlie. Claire told her how Charlie was a rapist and he died. Jan was shocked. She confessed that she was raped when she was younger. Claire was shocked by her news. Jan thought Charlie’s killer deserved a medal. Jan let her know that Belle was the reason why she wasn’t going to prison.

Belle met with Shawn at the police station. She told him about the deal she made with Jan. He was afraid Jan would try to get to Claire now. Shawn was going to arrest Jan anyway. She told him that her father would go to jail too. He didn’t want to worry about Jan coming after them. Trask went to see Rafe. She wanted him to solve Charlie’s murder. He told her that he would solve it. She wasn’t happy about the way he was handling the suspects. They went over the evidence in the case. He found a red button that wasn’t with the evidence before. Trask thought they would find the killer once they found the owner of the jacket. After Rafe talked to Trask, he saw Shawn and Belle. They told her about the deal Belle made with Jan. Rafe understood why she made the deal. He wished she talked to him before she made the deal. Belle put on her coat and Rafe noticed the missing button. She said Jan told her about the missing button. He took the button out of the evidence bag. He let them know that the button was found at Charlie’s apartment.

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