B&B Short Recap Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Detective Baker questions Thomas about Vinny’s death. Thomas resents it when he thinks Baker is implying that he had anything to do with his friend’s death. He wants the murderer found and punished. Baker wants to know who might have wanted Vinny dead, so Thomas tells him that Vinny was a drug dealer and also explains why he thought he was doing him a favor by switching the paternity test results. Hope arrives and Baker leaves. Thomas thinks that Baker might already know who killed Vinny and just needs proof. Meanwhile, at Bill’s place, Liam is very agitated and upset after hallucinating Vinny yesterday. Bill tries to get Liam to calm down and realize that he needs to be practical and think of his family. They argue a lot. Liam doesn’t know how he’s going to be able to pull himself together, like Bill insists. Hope phones again and asks Liam to come by her office so they can work out the children’s schedules, and also so they can talk about them. She hints that she might be open to working on forgiving him. Vinny’s death has given her new perspective about life. Liam comes by but sees Baker standing outside the office, so he hides around the corner. After Baker leaves, he walks back to the office. He hears a voice from behind, telling him to hold it right there and that he has him. Liam slowly raises his hands.

Quinn visits Carter in his office so that she can work on him forgiving Zoe. Carter doesn’t want to discuss it. Eric arrives and is cold to Quinn. Quinn tries to get him to go out to a romantic dinner, but he tells her that he has a meeting that he can’t reschedule. Later, Quinn visits Carter at his house to work on him some more. Zoe and Paris chat at Forrester. Quinn comes by and tells Zoe that she couldn’t get Carter to listen to her yet. Zoe tells Paris that she and Quinn have become friends. Quinn is a big fan of second chances.

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