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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen told Jack that she was pregnant with Chad’s child. She was surprised that Jack was staying by her side. He said he wasn’t going to desert her now. Abby walked in while they were talking. Abby told Jack that she knew why he wasn’t answering her calls or texts. She wanted Gwen to tell her the truth. Gwen told her she was pregnant. Philip wanted to talk to Gabi about what happened. She didn’t know what he was talking about. He told her that she put her hand on his knee. She said she did that for Kate’s sake. He said he was too. He said he noticed Jake’s reaction. She said she noticed it too. He said it was great seeing their faces when they found out that they lost the Gabi Chic deal. He asked her out to dinner so they could celebrate. Chad talked to Theo about sleeping with Gwen. Chad told Theo that he thought he lost Abby for good, but he didn’t. He said they were doing everything they could to make their marriage work. Theo wanted to know how they were going to make that work when Gwen was Abby’s sister. Chad said Gwen was making amends with the family. Jack told Abby that Gwen was pregnant. Abby thought Gwen was capable of faking a pregnancy test. Jack said he was there when she took the test. Abby asked if she was in the bathroom with her. He said she was pregnant. Gwen said it was Chad’s baby. Justin went to see Ciara. He had a card from Victor. Jake asked Ben how it went with Ciara. Ben said he told Ciara how they met and were engaged. He said Ciara didn’t remember anything at all. Jake asked if he gave up. Ben said he asked Marlena to hypnotize her. Jake thought it was great. Ben said it wasn’t great because Ciara only remembered being trapped in the cabin. Ben said Ciara didn’t want to go through hypnosis again. Jake told him to try the serum. Philip told Gabi that he wanted the dinner to be a date. She didn’t think that would be a good idea because they worked together. He said she did that in the past. He also thought she wasn’t into him because she was still hung up on Jake. Ben told Jake that Marlena told him the serum was dangerous. He said he loved Ciara, but not enough to risk her life. Jake asked if he wanted to get Ciara back. Justin told Ciara that Eve tried to blow up her wedding to Ben. She thought Eve did that because Ben killed her daughter. She told Justin that she hated Ben and didn’t want anything to do with him. She was upset that so many people thought it was okay that she was with Ben. Theo talked to Chad about Ciara not remembering Ben. Chad and Theo talked about Ben not being a good guy. Abby didn’t believe that Gwen was pregnant with Chad’s baby. Gwen understood why Abby didn’t believe her after everything she did to her. Gwen said she was trying to make amends with her. She said she wanted to move on and have a relationship with her. She said finding out that she was pregnant with Chad’s child was the last thing she wanted. Abby told her she needed to terminate it if that was true.

Abby told Gwen she should terminate the pregnancy since she didn’t want to have Chad’s baby. Jack said they should calm down. Abby said Gwen wanted to make amends. She said she would take her to the office. She said they would take care of the problem right now. Theo told Chad that he wanted to be with Ciara, but she was still married. Justin told Ciara that by the time she and Ben got engaged, he thought they were in love. She thought he should have said something because Ben was a killer. Justin told her that Ben turned his life around. She said he couldn’t turn his life around after murdering three people. Jake told Ben that he had the serum and didn’t have any side effects. Jake told him he would make a call and find out how Kate got her hands on Will’s drug. Gabi told Philip that Jake didn’t appreciate what a woman like her had to offer. She said she wasn’t used to getting dumped. She said she gave Jake a chance to make a choice, but he chose Kate. She said she wanted to get past her feelings. Philip said the only way to get past an old relationship was to start a new one. He said they would be good together. He said they were age appropriate. She thought dinner was too much pressure. She asked him to go to lunch with her. He agreed to go. Ben asked Jake how he was supposed to convince Ciara to take the serum. He said Ciara hated him and didn’t want him to be near her. Jake said he had to figure it out himself. Ben said he tried the hypnosis. Jake said that didn’t work. Ben said he didn’t want Ciara to get hurt. Jake said he had his back no matter what he did. Ben told Jake to call Kate. Abby told Gwen that she would make the call to the clinic. Jack said it was hard for Gwen to take in. Abby said Gwen was pregnant with her husband’s baby and it was hard for her to take in. Abby said the only thing to take away the horror was to end the pregnancy. Abby told her she better do it. Jack told Gwen that it was her decision to make. He said Abby didn’t have the right to make the decision. Abby went to the DiMera mansion and told Chad that Gwen was pregnant with his child. Gwen told Jack that the baby she was having was her decision. She said Abby thought it was her decision. He said Abby was upset. He said to give her a chance to calm down and she would realize that it wasn’t her choice. He said if she did decide to terminate the pregnancy, he would be there to support her. He asked her if she wanted to have the baby.

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