Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Amanda asks for a leave of absence from Chancellor Communications to defend her grandfather in the case against him. Nate tells Elena he just wants to be friends since he would always wonder if she would go back to Devon if he ever asked her to get back together with him. Sharon tells Rey she didn’t tell Adam he was coming to the cottage to arrest him. Adam goes to the ranch and tells Victor Chelsea has recovered from her stroke and set him up for poisoning Rey. Victor believes Adam and tells him to hide in the tack house while he talks to Michael. Victor tells Michael that Chelsea set up Adam for poisoning Rey with some help from Chloe. Victor asks Michael to tell Rey and Paul to investigate Chelsea and Chloe. Michael warns Victor to interfere with a police investigation. Chelsea tells Rey that Adam and Sharon don’t care about whom they hurt as long as they can be together. Jordan apologizes to Faith for the awful prank she pulled on her that led to her car accident. Faith tells Jordan she doesn’t trust her anymore so she can take her apology and shove it. Ashland backs out of the deal to sell his company to Victor. Ashland calls Billy and Victoria to a joint meeting with him to decide the future of his company. Ashland flips a coin to decide who gets his company. Victoria is thrilled to win the coin toss and heads straight to Victor to tell him the news. Victor warns her not to cross him in business because it will be dangerous.

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