Days Short Recap Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen caught Sami sneaking Lucas out of Marlena and John’s penthouse. Kristen accused Sami of having an affair with Lucas. Paulina and Eli wanted to know what Chanel was doing with Xander. Chad and Abby talked about her confrontation with Gwen. Abby told him that she threw up on her when tried to call a truce. He asked if he thought there was another reason. She asked what other reason there would be for her to throw up. Gwen told Jack that she was pregnant. She said the last person she slept with was Chad. Chloe told Brady that she had to tell him something. He told her that he knew how she felt about him. She wondered if that was why he was keeping his distance from her. He said it was awkward. She wondered if it was because of him or her. Kristen wanted to tell EJ what Sami did. Sami said EJ was the love of her life. She wanted Kristen to forget what she heard. She told Kristen she would do anything if she could forget what she heard or saw. Kristen asked if she would do anything. Chanel couldn’t believe Paulina brought the police to find her. Paulina told her that she was with a stranger. Chanel said Xander was her husband. Chad and Abby argued over Gwen. Gwen talked to Jack about being pregnant with Chad’s baby. She said she would have been happy to brag about being pregnant before. She said now that she knew that Laura was responsible for why he didn’t know about her, she wanted to put everything in the past. She said she wanted to be his daughter. He said she was his daughter. He said she was Abby’s sister. He said she should try to have a relationship with Abby. Gwen said it would be hard since she was pregnant with her husband’s child. Chloe told Brady that she thought he was throwing his life away by being with Kristen. Sami told Kristen that it would hurt EJ if she told what she thought she saw. Kristen said she would keep her secret, but she had to keep hers. Sami said she would keep it. Kristen revealed who she really was.

Sami couldn’t believe Susan was Kristen. Kristen said she had to do it because she had to stop Brady from being with Chloe. Chanel told Paulina that she married Xander because of her. She said Paulina told her not to come home before she could support herself. Chanel said she married Xander. She said he had a lot of money. Chad and Abby continued to argue about Gwen. Gwen told Jack that she didn’t know she was pregnant. He told her she should find out. She had a pregnancy test on her. Xander told Paulina that before he and Chanel got together, he was drunk. Paulina said she was going to make him pay for corrupting her daughter. Xander said she corrupted her. Chanel said she did. Paulina wanted to kill him. Xander wanted Eli to make Paulina leave. Sami asked Kristen if she was doing all of this to be with Brady. Kristen said Brady was the love of her life. Kristen told her Chloe was after Brady. Brady said Chloe wasn’t the first person to have reservations about his relationship. Chloe told him they should be together again. She said it was what was best for him. He thought she was trying to save him from Kristen. Chloe said it was about her knowing what she wanted. She said she wanted to know what it would be like to be in his arms again. Sami told Kristen to talk to Brady. Kristen said she almost outted herself earlier. She said it would have been a mistake. She said he freaked out when she checked on him. She said he would tell her to go back. She said she wanted Sami to help her. Sami refused to do it. Abby told Chad that she couldn’t call Gwen because it would get her upset. He suggested that she call her father. Gwen told Jack that she was definitely pregnant. Kristen said Sami swore to keep her secret. Sami said it was done under false pretenses. Sami said she wasn’t going to help her. Sami reminded her about the things Kristen did to her. When Sami was going to call Brady, Kristen stopped her.

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