Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 12, 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Nate introduced Elena to Moses, and Elena told Moses how lucky he was to have Nate for a mentor. Chelsea pretended to regain the use of her voice, and she implied Sharon was helping Adam evade the police. Nick called Nate to help him get more details out of Chelsea. Nate said they must not pressure Chelsea to speak. Chelsea was pleased her plan to get the upper hand on Adam and Sharon worked, but Chloe looked troubled. Sharon unsuccessfully tried to convince Rey that Chelsea framed Adam. She told him where Adam was hiding out. Sharon thought about warning Adam, but she didn’t. By the time he got there, Adam was gone. Nick and Sharon hired Christine to advocate for Faith in court. Christine told Faith that everyone in the courtroom would be on her side. Nick told Sharon about Chelsea’s progress. Sharon told Nick that Chelsea framed Adam, but he didn’t believe that. He went to the lake house because he hoped to thank Adam while Rey arrested him. Adam was already gone, and Rey thought it was because Sharon warned him Rey was coming. Nikki spent time with Faith. Nate asked Elena to talk. Amanda approached Victor to ask about Richard Nealon and Sutton Ames. Victor didn’t remember anything about Richard Nealon or about bribes going from Newman Enterprises to Sutton’s office. Amanda wasn’t blaming Victor for anything. She told him about Bruce Stansfield, a reporter, who thought Richard was murdered. Victor said he’d been questioned by the reporter, and he didn’t know anything about this case. He told her they were done, but she was going to keep doing her job. Amanda talked to Devon about Victor. She was excited about this case. Devon hoped that he and Amanda could go back to how it used to be. She was noncommittal. Moses told Devon he had a girlfriend once, but it wasn’t serious, and the relationship didn’t end well because she didn’t get his sense of humor. He mentioned that Faith got all his jokes, and he’d hoped to go to the hospital to see her. Amanda was moved when she saw a picture of her father for the first time.

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