Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Amanda tells Devon that Naya wants her to defend her grandfather Sutton Ames who is accused of arranging the death of her father Richard because Richard knew that someone at Newman Enterprises was taking bribes years ago and Richard intended to be a whistleblower. Nina asks Abby for technical advice on her next screenplay because the leading lady will be based on her. Adam calls Sharon to tell her that he was the good Samaritan who helped Faith and took her to the hospital. Adam also wants Sharon to know that he didn’t poison Rey. Nick and Sharon remember Cassie and worry they will lose another child because of an alcohol related accident. Nick and Sharon sit by Faith’s bedside and talk to her and pray that she wakes up soon. Faith finally wakes up and Nick and Sharon breathe a sigh of relief and shed tears of joy as Faith opens her eyes and says ” Mom…Dad.”

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