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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady confronted Kristen about the secret she said she had. Kristen tried to avoid answering him, but he wouldn’t let up. He wanted to know what she was keeping from him. She said she couldn’t tell a lie. She told him Chloe had feelings for him. Paulina told Chanel that she had to make her own way. Chanel thought it wasn’t fair that she would pay for Lani’s children to go to college, but she wouldn’t support her. Claire talked to Belle about Chanel scamming her with the champagne bill. Claire told Belle that she was sad that Ciara hated her again after everything they have been through. Ben told Theo that he thought Ciara still loved him. Theo said he didn’t think she did. He said she refused to accept that she could love him. Ben thought he was trying to say that Ciara couldn’t love a necktie killer. Ben asked if he told her that he wasn’t that guy anymore. Theo said he didn’t. Ciara asked Marlena why she wanted to know how Ben duped her into loving him. Marlena said she wasn’t duped into loving him. Ciara thought she was vulnerable after the accident. Marlena said she was suspicious at first and then she fell in love with him. Ciara wanted to know how she could fall in love with a man who killed three women and tried to kill Will. Marlena said Ben changed. Ciara asked if someone like that could ever get better. Marlena said if he didn’t, she wouldn’t have wanted her to marry him. Ciara asked if she thought it was a good idea to marry Ben. Marlena said Ben loved her. She said he wasn’t the man he was in the past. Ciara asked why was she terrified of him every time she was in the room with him. Paulina told Chanel that she did what she could to give her a good life. Chanel said she wanted her. Paulina said she did what she could. She said she had to make up for her father not being there. Chanel was willing to change tomorrow. Paulina told her she had to get a job. Brady asked Kristen if she thought Chloe had feelings for her. Kristen said he didn’t seem surprised. He said Kristen and Philip said it, but Chloe denied it. Kristen said Chloe would deny it. He wanted to say something to Chloe. Kristen told him she would be mortified. He said he wanted to keep it in the open. Kristen said he had to give her her space. Chloe showed up while they were talking and wanted to know if everything was okay. Ben told Theo that he should have told Ciara how she felt about him. Theo said he wasn’t around them. Ben said he should know that he changed. Ben asked if he believed that he changed. Theo said his father told him he did. Ben wanted him to tell Ciara that he changed. Theo said he was glad to have his best friend back. Marlena told Ciara that she could see why she was afraid of Ben, but he has changed. Ciara said everyone accepted her being married to a serial killer. Ciara said her family and friends should be horrified. Marlena told her they were. She told her that she and Claire mad up. Ciara said she didn’t remember that. Marlena asked if she wanted to remember everything that she missed.

Marlena ran into Ben. He wanted to know if she was able to convince Ciara to get hypnotized. Marlena said she tried her best. She said they couldn’t force Ciara into remembering. He asked if he should visit Ciara. Marlena said he shouldn’t. She said she wasn’t giving up on Ciara and he shouldn’t either. Belle showed up at the hospital. Marlena told her Sami recanted her plea. Marlena told her that Sami and Allie said they didn’t do it. Belle said the killer was still out there. Marlena said the police didn’t have any leads. Belle said she was at the hospital to visit Ciara. Marlena said she didn’t remember anything. She said she was going to hypnotize her to get her memory back. Belle asked if that would work. Marlena said it could work. Theo ran into Chanel. He reminded her that she broke up with him. She said it was mutual. Belle went to see Ciara. Ciara told her that she felt like herself, but everyone else around her changed. Ciara said she was glad she had her family. Belle said they all missed her especially Claire. Ciara said Claire loved her so much that she tired to sleep with her boyfriend Tripp. Brady told Chloe about what happened when he went to visit “Kristen.” He told her that Vivian was looking out for her. He told her that Vivian told him not to visit “Kristen.” He said “Kristen” agreed to it. Belle told Ciara that Claire did terrible things to her, but Claire wanted to be friends with her again. Ciara said she thought Marlena sent her there, but she realized Claire did it. Belle said she came on her own. She suggested that Ciara do the hypnosis so she could get her memory back.

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