Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate and Jake walked in on Philip and Gabi together. Kate wanted to know what Gabi did to him when she was wiping his face. Brady went to see “Kristen.” Kristen called Vivian because she needed her help. Susan told Brady that it was Chloe’s fault that she was in there. Brady said she was the one who stabbed Victor so it her fault. He let her know that he and Chloe were friends. Susan said Chloe was in love with him. He wanted to know how she knew that. Kristen told Vivian that Brady was visiting Susan. Vivian asked her if she did anything to break up Jake and Kate. Ciara told Theo that she was couldn’t believe she would marry Ben. Ben went to see Marlena to find out if she could help Ciara get her memory back. Marlena told him that he had to wait until the amnesia went away. He asked her if they could give Ciara the drug Will took to get his memory back. Kate was still upset that Gabi was helping Philip. Gabi ended up inviting her and Jake to dinner. Vivian said she would tell Brady what was going on. Kristen said she would break up Jake and Kate, but she had to help her. Vivian agreed to do it. Brady asked Susan how she knew Chloe had feelings for him. She said a woman knew these things. He said she was wrong about Chloe.

Marlena told Ben that the drug might not work on Ciara because she had brain trauma. She said it could be dangerous. He said he wouldn’t risk Ciara’s life even if it killed him. Vivian showed up when Brady asked Susan about the license plate she made. Vivian said it was for him. He wanted her to leave, but Vivian said Susan was leaving. Ben told Marlena that Ciara looked at him like she wished he was gone. She said she wished there was something she could do about it. He asked her if she could hypnotize Ciara. He told her that Ciara hated Claire too. He asked her to do it for Claire if she wouldn’t do it for him. Ciara told Theo that she couldn’t believe that she would fall for Ben. He reminded her that she was supposed to forgive Claire. Ciara said she could only go by how she felt about Claire. She asked if everyone was okay with her being with the necktie killer. He told her that people tried to stop her, but she had to have her way. Chloe told Kristen that she didn’t tell him how she felt. Kristen asked when she was going to make her move. Vivian told Brady that “Kristen” didn’t want to see him for a while. He asked if that was what she wanted. Kate told Philip that Gabi was after him because of Philip. Gabi confronted Jake about being jealous of her and Philip. Ben asked Marlena if hypnotizing Ciara would hurt her. She said she couldn’t do it without Ciara’s consent. He asked if she would ask her. She said she would ask. Susan told Brady that she needed to focus on getting out of prison. She said she was going to miss him. He said he would miss her too. He agreed to stay away. Chloe told Kristen how much she wanted to be with Brady. Kristen told her that Brady was taken. Chloe said she knew and then insulted her. Marlena went to see Ciara. Ciara asked how she could love Ben when he gave her the creeps. Marlena said she was there to see if she could help. She said she was going to try to help Ciara get her memory back.

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