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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi and Philip walked through the town square and she saw the old Gabi chic building. She was upset because her company was gone. He said he was working on something that could help her. He was expanding his businesses in Chicago. He wondered if she wanted to talk about it over dinner. She reminded him that she was getting over someone. He insisted it would just be a business dinner. She told him that Gabi Chic was all she had and didn’t want to jeopardize it. He understood what she meant. She changed her mind and agreed to go to dinner with him. Xander showed up at the pub looking for Rex. He wanted to get Sarah back from him. Roman informed him that Rex and Sarah left down. Xander wanted a drink, but Roman wouldn’t serve him since he was drunk. Roman wanted him to leave, but Xander got in his face. Philip and Gabi arrived at the pub and saw what happened with Xander and Roman. Philip tried to stop the exchange. Xander ended up punching Philip. Roman ordered Xander to leave the pub. Xander didn’t want to be there any more than Roman wanted him there. He wanted Sarah back. Gabi invited Philip to the DiMera mansion.

Jake found Kate lying on the bed with an ice pack on her head. She was feeling tension because of her gun being missing and Rex leaving town with Sarah. She knew Xander wouldn’t accept Rex being with Sarah. Jake thought he changed because he fell in love. Kate rolled her eyes at that. Jake offered to get a couple guys to send Xander a message. She thought the idea was sweet and they made love. When they were done, he offered to make her dinner. Gabi took Philip to the DiMera mansion. She noticed he had blood on his shirt. She wanted him to take off the shirt and she could get him a new one. Jake and Kate saw Gabi helping Philip while he was wearing a tank top. Brady and Chloe talked about Sarah leaving Xander. Brady was glad that Xander was in pain, but Chloe felt sorry for him. She understood how he felt to have your heart broken. He grabbed her hand and thanked her for being his friend. She thought about her conversation with “Susan” when she admitted her feelings for Brady. She wanted to tell him something when his phone went off. Statesville called him to let know visiting hours started. He wanted to heart what Chloe had to say. She didn’t think it was the right time to talk about it. Brady invited her to dinner at John and Marlena’s house. Marlena noticed “Susan” and asked her where she was last night. She thought about what she did to Sarah. She told Marlena that she surprised Roger while he was on tour. She wanted to know if she could stay with Marlena a little while longer. Marlena tried to get out of it by telling her that things were complicated. “Susan” agreed to be her right hand woman. She finally agreed to stay. She invited her to have dinner with them and Brady. Susan called Kristen and told her that she wanted to get out of the prison. She said she missed Roger. Susan wanted to know when they were switching back. Kristen said she needed more time because Chloe admitted she was in love with Brady. She was afraid that Chloe would go after him if she left now. Marlena came back in the room so she had to be Susan again. Marlena had to check on her patient. Chloe arrived for dinner and Kristen wasn’t happy about it. She let her know that Brady went to see Kristen at Statesville.

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