Days Short Recaps Friday, March 26, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie told Nicole that Sami didn’t kill Charlie. She said her mother only confessed because she was protecting her. Nicole believed the killer was still out there. She remembered Ava talking about getting rid of Charlie. She left the apartment. Lucas wanted to know why Sami confessed to killing Charlie. She told him about the evidence Rafe had against Allie. Lucas knew about the evidence. He told her that Allie didn’t kill Charlie. He told her Allie was innocent. She thought things would be good now. She was going to take back her confession.

Rafe showed up at the station and when to the interrogation room. Sami and Lucas told him everything they knew about Charlie’s murder. She admitted that she only confessed because she was protecting her daughter. She thought things were fine because they were innocent. Rafe wished they told him the truth in the first place. He believed Sami, but he said it was out of his hands. She didn’t mean to get him involved and wished she did tell him the truth sooner. Rafe went to talk to Trask. Later, he came back and told her that Trask wouldn’t drop the charges against Sami. Nicole went to see Ava. She wanted to ask her about what happened to Charlie. She told Ava that Sami didn’t kill him. Ava remembered going to Charlie’s place wearing black gloves. She opened the door to the apartment. She told Nicole that she didn’t kill Charlie. Tripp and Claire went to Allie’s place. They found out that Sami confessed to killing Charlie. Allie wanted to tell them everything that happened. Tripp seemed nervous when Allie and Claire wondered about the suspects in Charlie’s murder.

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