Y&R Short Recap Monday, March 29, 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Sharon wasn’t ready to conclude that Adam poisoned Rey, and this frustrated him. He told her to let him know if Adam made contact. Rey questioned Victor about Adam’s whereabouts and threatened to arrest Victor if he helped Adam escape. Victor warned Rey not to ever threaten him again. Nikki informed Sharon that Faith had gone missing after getting bullied by Jordan and that she’d stolen a bottle of tequila. Sharon was worried for Faith and furious that Nikki let her get her hands on alcohol. Sharon contacted Nick and Rey about Faith. Rey told Michael that Faith was missing after getting bullied. Michael and Lauren talked about Jamie, the boy their son bullied. Jamie was currently living a good life and practicing law. Michael and Lauren made plans to fit in a Hawaiian vacation at some point. Chelsea was delighted that her plan to frame Adam had worked. Chloe was initially happy that she’d helped by taking the items stolen from Sharon’s house and hiding them in Adam’s car for Rey to find. When Chloe learned that Chelsea poisoned Rey, she was angry about being an unwitting accessory to attempted murder. Chelsea felt that the ends justified the means, since she never gave Rey enough poison to kill him, but she apologized to Chloe. Chloe promised she’d keep Chelsea’s secret. Chelsea pretended to be incapacitated when Victor came over. He told her to pay Rey no mind, and he promised to bring Adam back to her. Bullies sent nasty texts to Faith’s phone, and she opened the tequila. Victor, Nick, Sharon, and Nikki gathered at the cottage because of Faith. Ranch security informed Victor that Faith stole one of the ranch trucks. Nick and Sharon used a phone tracking app to pinpoint Faith’s location, then they went to get her. They were alarmed because the app showed that Faith was speeding. Rey went home and found Victor and Nikki there. Faith took her eyes off the road to check her phone, and she lost control of the truck. Adam walked into Crimson Lights wearing a hoodie to hide his face, but he quickly left when he saw Michael.
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