Y&R Short Recap Friday, March 26, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Amanda’s mother Naya asks for her help to defend her maternal grandfather Sutton Aimes who has been accused of arranging the car accident that killed her father Richard. Amanda thinks she is being used by her biological family just because it would look good to a jury to have the granddaughter that was given away defend her grandfather. Amanda tells Naya that she needs time to think and will call her when she makes a decision. Rey searches the penthouse while Chelsea thinks to herself that she is sorry for poisoning Rey, but it will all be worth it. Rey finds the shaving kit, the Thalium, the tray, and the figurine that was missing from Sharon’s house. Adam suspects that Chelsea has recovered movement so he tells her he is leaving but he goes out into the hallway to watch Chelsea. Chelsea moves her head to stretch before Rey comes into the room. Adam knows Chelsea set him up and he leaves because he needs to think about what he needs to do next. Faith is deeply hurt when she finds out that she doesn’t have a secret admirer and Jordan has been pretending to be a boy who is interested in her just to play a cruel joke on her. Faith tells Nikki what happened and pretends that their talk made her feel better. Nikki goes to get Faith something to eat and Faith cries and steals a bottle of vodka from the bar and walks out of the Newman mansion.

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