B&B Short Recap Thursday, March 25, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Wyatt and Liam are at Spencer Publications. Wyatt spent the night at Bill’s place because he and Hope are separated. Wyatt feels bad for Liam and hopes they can work things out. Liam knows that it’s all his fault. Wyatt tries to give him a pep talk. Liam assures him that he’s OK, and he won’t give up on Hope. Liam asks about Wyatt and Flo. Wyatt says they’re doing great, and that he thinks he and Flo will have a long, happy future together. Liam assures him that he’s forgiven Flo, and that he thinks most of the Forresters have, as well, since they’ve hired her at the company. Wyatt is glad to have Liam and Bill’s support. Liam thinks that Wyatt might have a secret with regard to Flo because he’s beaming. Wyatt doesn’t want to talk about it, since Liam’s life is doing so badly. Liam insists that Wyatt talk to him about it. Wyatt tells him how happy Flo makes him, and he shows Liam the engagement ring that he plans to give Flo.

Donna, Katie and Brooke are at Forrester. They talk about Liam and Hope’s separation. Hope is at home today with the kids. Brooke hopes that Liam and Hope can reconcile. They all talk about being Logans and sisters. Katie is proud of them for accepting Flo. She knows this would have been important to Storm. She tears up, thinking about him. They decide to reach out to Flo, so Katie calls her. Meanwhile, Shauna visits Flo in her new office at Forrester. Flo tells her about how she’s working with Paris and Hope for the Future. She’s grateful to Katie and the others for giving her a new job and welcoming her into the family. She hopes to one day have a relationship with Hope (her cousin). They, too, gossip about Liam and Hope’s separation. Katie phones to ask them to come to the CEO office, so they go there. Shauna thanks the Logans for how they’ve accepted Flo. Flo adds her thanks. Katie, Donna and Brooke tell Flo that they want to legally make her a Logan. Carter drew up papers so that she can become Flo Logan. Shauna and Flo are shocked.

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