Days Short Recaps Friday, March 19, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen showed up at the Kiriakis mansion looking for Jack. He let her know that he was there for Xander. She told him it was important. She told him what Abby did to her. Jack couldn’t believe Abby would do something like that. Gwen wanted him to turn his back on Abby if she didn’t give up her obsession with her. He wanted to give Abby a chance to end the war the same way he did for her. She wanted to know what would happen if Abby didn’t give up the war. He believed Abby was capable of forgiveness. He promised to fix things because he didn’t want his daughters hating each other. Abby let Chad know that she lied to Rafe about what she did to Gwen. Chad couldn’t believe she wanted to risk her family because she wanted to get revenge. He said she was becoming someone he didn’t recognize. She didn’t know how she was supposed to get over what Gwen did to her. He said and that she was stooping to her level. She reminded him about the things Gwen did to her family. Chad held her while she cried. Abby finally decided to get help for her anger. She wanted to fight for their family. Chad was grateful that she wanted to fix their family.

Sarah managed to get out of the ropes. She looked around the room for something to use to open the door. She found a crowbar and used it to try to get the door open. She was disappointed when she couldn’t get the door open. She looked around again and saw the syringe Abby threatened to use on Gwen. Xander was in for a shock when he found “Sarah” with Rex. Xander yanked Rex off the bed. He insisted that it was consensual. “Sarah” let him know that it was consensual. Xander couldn’t believe it. He was disappointed. She asked Rex if he could leave them alone. Xander didn’t believe “Sarah” would be with Rex on their wedding day. She said she loved Rex and that’s why she was with him. Xander still didn’t believe her. She told him more excuses about not marrying him. She told him they were done. Xander grabbed her and kissed her. “Sarah” backed away from him. She yelled at him because he made her fall in love with a baby that wasn’t hers. Xander was confused. He didn’t think that made sense at all. “Sarah” told Xander that she wanted to be with Rex. Rex went back in the room. She gave him back his ring. He was upset and walked out of the room. Rex leaned in and kissed her. She didn’t want to kiss him at the time. She wanted to leave. She took her clothes and leave. Rex called Kate to let her know what happened with “Sarah”. Kristen went to see Sarah. Sarah struck out at her with the syringe. They struggled over the needle.

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