Days Short Recap Monday, March 22, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe questioned Allie about whether or not she killed Charlie. While he was questioning her, Sami came in and stopped him from questioning Allie. Sami made Allie leave. Lucas talked to Tripp about Sami being a suspect in Charlie’s murder. Lucas wanted to talk to Allie, but she wasn’t home. Xander talked to Jack about Sarah dumping him for Rex. Xander told him that Sarah still blamed him for what he did with her baby. Jack couldn’t believe that she would take Rex back after he cheated. Xander said he couldn’t blame Rex talked to Kate and Roman about leaving town with Sarah. Kate didn’t like the idea of them being together. Kristen stabbed Sarah with the syringe. Sarah thought Kristen was Xander. Kate told Roman that Allie was in trouble for shooting Charlie. Rafe told Sami that he was trying to help Allie when he questioned her. He said if Allie told him something, it would have been inadmissible so she could have helped her. He told Sami that Allie was in trouble. Sami wanted to know why. He said the murder weapon was Kate’s gun. He said Allie took it once before. When Allie went home, Lucas asked her if she killed Charlie.

Sami told Rafe that Allie didn’t shoot Tripp. Rafe said Ava walked in and saw her hold the gun on Tripp. Sami said Allie wouldn’t have pulled the trigger. He said it was public record. He said she had reason to believe that Charlie would get off for raping her. Sami realized he was right about her being in trouble. Allie told Lucas that Rafe wondered the same thing. She said before she could answer him, Sami came in and told her to leave. Lucas asked if she took the gun. Allie said she took the gun. Jack couldn’t get over Sarah dumping Xander for Rex. Xander said Sarah was everything to him. Sarah thought Kristen was Xander. Kristen pretended to be Xander. Kristen brought in a trunk so Sarah could get in it. Kate and Roman talked about Allie possibly killing Charlie. Kate thought Sami was protecting Allie. Sami apologized to Rafe. She said she knew he cared about Allie. Sami said there was no evidence pointing to Allie. She said her fingerprints were on the gun. Rafe said she could have touched it to cover up Allie’s prints. Sami reminded him about the residue. Rafe asked if she was confessing. Lucas wanted to know when Allie took the gun. Allie told him the night Charlie died. She said Claire tried to get a confession out of him, but he said he would get away with it. She said she stole the gun and went to Charlie’s place. She flashed back to confronting Charlie. Rafe asked Sami if she was pleading not guilty. She said she didn’t want to go to prison. He asked if she was protecting Allie. Allie told Lucas that she wanted to kill Charlie, but she couldn’t. Lucas was relieved. “Sarah” ran into Rex. She told him that she wanted to be by herself. She told him not to come find him. Lucas told Allie that she shot Charlie with the gun. Allie thought she did it to cover for her. Sami told Rafe she killed Charlie. Allie asked Lucas who killed Charlie if Sami didn’t do it. Tripp went to Charlie’s place. Tripp thought about going to Charlie’s place the night he was shot.

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