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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen told Sarah what she was going to say to Xander in order to convince him that she was Sarah. Brady and Chloe talked to Rex about Sarah marrying Xander. Rex told them that he still thought about Sarah all of the time. He said he lied and cheated on her more than once. He said he didn’t think she would take a chance on him again. Brady told him to tell Sarah how he felt about her before it was too late. Sarah told Kristen that Xander wouldn’t fall for it because she didn’t sound like her. Kristen said the mask had an altering device that changes the voice. Kristen wanted to text Xander. Ciara told Claire about her trying to sleep with Tripp. Claire told her she was confused. Ciara called her a jealous insecure b*tch. Claire told her that she loved her and so did Ben.

Ciara asked Claire if Ben loved her. Ciara asked if Claire hired him to kill her. Ciara told her to leave. She said she never wanted to see her again. Ben asked Claire what happened. She said Ciara kept bringing up what happened years ago. He wanted to talk to her. Kayla told Ben and Claire to stay away from her until she found out what was going on. Rex told “Sarah” that he thought she was making a mistake. He asked if they could meet so they could talk. She agreed to meet him. Kristen told Sarah that Rex still had a thing for her. Kristen said Rex tried to talk her out of marrying Xander. Sarah said she wouldn’t say anything. Kristen said she wished she could believe her. She said Sarah would sell her out the first chance she got. Kristen took Sarah’s ring so she could give it back to Xander. Xander went to see Brady and Chloe about Sarah and how she disappeared. Brady wanted to get back to work. Xander couldn’t believe they weren’t going to help him. Brady said he didn’t think Sarah would want him to. He told Xander to cancel the caterer. “Sarah” met with Rex. He told her that he was having a hard time with her marrying Xander. Rex said they belonged together. He asked her not to marry Xander. She said she wouldn’t. Claire told Ben that Ciara was mad at her for walking in on her and Tripp. Ben said that was years ago. She said Ciara didn’t remember what happened after that. Kayla went to check on Ciara. Ciara asked Kayla if she remembered when she came to her to talk about taking things to the next level with Tripp. She said she took her advice. She said she walked in on Claire and Tripp together. Kayla asked Ciara what was the last thing she remembered. Ciara said she remembered the accident. Kayla asked her what accident. Ciara said when she crashed her bike. She asked if that was why she was in the hospital. Claire told Ben that Ciara had hate in her eyes. She said Ciara didn’t want to see her again. Ben said she didn’t mean it. Claire said she wanted to make up for all of the things she did to her and now she wasn’t going to get the chance. Ciara told Kayla what she remembered about the crash. Kayla asked if she remembered anything that happened after the crash. Ciara said she didn’t remember anything. Rex asked “Sarah” if she was going to call off the wedding. She said she was having doubts about Xander. She said the past few years have been filled with sadness for her. She said she thought getting married would be a new beginning. She said she was wrong. She said she and Xander had nothing in common. She said she didn’t know who he is. She said she thought she moved past what he did with Mickey. She said there was a part of her that couldn’t get over that betrayal. He asked if she wanted to go somewhere private to talk. She suggested going to his room. He asked if she was sure. She told him to go to his room and she would meet him there. When Rex left, Kristen said she had to figure out how to get Xander there. She called Xander. She pretended to be Susan. She told him that she saw Sarah at the Brady Pub. She said what Sarah was doing was wrong. She told him that she was with Rex. Xander said she must be mistaken. Susan said Rex and Sarah were getting up and personal. Xander asked if they were still at the pub. She said they went upstairs. Kayla told Ben and Claire that Ciara only remembered what happened when she had her motorcycle accident. Rex and “Sarah” kissed each other and were on the bed. Xander walked in on them together.

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