B&B Short Recap Thursday, March 18, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

At the beach house, Finn walks in to see Steffy, after he was playing with Kelly in the other room. Steffy tells him that Liam knows now that he’s not the father of her baby. They’re both very happy. Steffy wants to tell Kelly the good news about them getting married. First, though, she takes down the big photo of her and Liam, which makes Finn smile. They put up some smaller photos of her and Finn, and the three of them, and another small photo of Liam with Kelly. Finn is going to move in to their little home. They tell Kelly about his moving in, their getting engaged, and his being the baby’s daddy. Kelly gives her seal of approval by saying, “Ha-cha-cha” the way Steffy taught her. Finn and Steffy talk about how lucky they were to find each other and look forward to their future.

Back at their cottage, Hope and Liam discuss the recent news and how it affects them. Hope thought that Finn being the father of Steffy’s baby would make her happy, but she still can’t get past the night he spent with Steffy. They re-hash the past. Liam is still suspicious of Thomas having something to do with the lab tests, but Hope reminds him that Thomas is the one that told them the truth. They argue a bit, but then Liam stops because he doesn’t want to argue with her. Liam just wants to get back to their happy life, but she’s not sure they were all that happy. Hope asks if he told Steffy he still loved her, that fateful night when they slept together. Liam admits that he said something like that. Hope yells at him and calls him selfish for always wanted everyone to love him, even at the cost of their marriage. Liam still hopes they can get back what they had. They have a flashback to his telling her that Beth is alive. Hope tells him that she needs more time to consider what to do. Liam tells her again that he only wants her. Meanwhile, at Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke that the police have arrested Vinny for tampering with the lab tests. Brooke wonders if Thomas was somehow behind it. Just then, Thomas walks in, having heard what she said. He assures her that he was not behind it. Brooke gives him the third degree about his feelings for Hope. He just wants her to be happy.

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