Days Short Recap Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire asked Allie if she killed Charlie. Allie thought about how she told Claire that she would kill Charlie. Allie said she wouldn’t let her mother go to prison for what she did. Ciara told Ben to stay away from her. She thought he was trying to kill her. He told her he wasn’t going to hurt her. She called out for someone to get him away from her. Jake had a dream about Gabi. When he woke up, Kate confronted him about having a dream about her. She was concerned about him dreaming about Gabi. He said he was tired of having the conversation about Gabi. Nicole asked Rafe who he thought killed Charlie. He said he would let her know when he found out something. She said she wasn’t a fan of Sami, but she loved Allie. She said Allie was upset that Sami was arrested. She said Allie blamed herself. He said he hoped the lead proved that Sami was innocent. Allie couldn’t believe Claire was accusing her of killing Charlie. Claire said she wasn’t. Allie thought Claire was trying to accuse her of killing Charlie. Claire said she hated Charlie after what he did to her. Claire said Allie could trust her. She said she wouldn’t tell anyone if she did it. Allie had to leave. Ciara yelled at Ben to get away from her. Kayla came in and told Ben to leave. Ben told Claire that Ciara looked at her like she was the devil. He thought she hated him now. Ciara asked Kayla why Ben was out of Bayview. Kayla wanted to talk about it later. Ciara wanted to know why he was there. She told Kayla that she loved him and he loved her. Gabi and Ava got into an argument. Gabi confronted Ava about leaving the night Charlie was killed. Gabi said she slipped out of the house. She asked why she lied to Rafe unless she had something to hide. Jake told Kate that Gabi was after her and it was driving him crazy. He said he told Gabi that she was chasing a man who was with another woman. He said he thought she got the message. Kate asked why he was saying her name in his sleep. He said his subconscious might have been telling him something. Rafe showed up to tell them that forensics identified the gun that killed Charlie. Kate wanted to know why he was telling them. He said the gun was hers.

Kate told Rafe that her gun was locked in a box. Jake asked if she was sure that her gun was upstairs. Jake thought about Kate alluding that she would kill Charlie. Claire told Ben to give Ciara time. He said he finally got Ciara back. He said he wanted to see Ciara and let her know that she was his heart and soul. Ciara told Kayla that she didn’t understand what was happening. Kayla said her memory was affected by what she has been through. Ciara said she remembered her and her brother. Kayla said it made her hopeful that she would recover. Kayla said she was going to run some tests on her. Kate gave Rafe the box the gun was in. She gave him the combination because she had nothing to hide. Jake told Kate that it might have been a mistake to give him the box. She said she had nothing to hide. When Rafe opened the box, the gun was gone. She said she didn’t take the gun out of the box. He wanted to know how it got to Charlie’s apartment. She said she didn’t know. He asked how many people knew she had a gun. She said a lot of people have been in and out of the room. He said Kate was the only one who had a reason to kill Charlie. He said he was going to take the box so it could be dusted for fingerprints. She let him take it. Tripp told Gabi that Ava didn’t kill Charlie. Gabi said Ava could leave if she didn’t like her accusing her of murder. Ava said she was behind on the rent so she couldn’t leave. Tripp told Gabi to leave if she didn’t want to live with Ava. Gabi said it was her house. Ava said it was Rafe’s house. Gabi said she would leave if Ava wouldn’t. Kayla told Ben and Claire that Ciara had selective amnesia. Claire asked if she told Ciara that Ben was her husband. Kayla said Ciara wasn’t ready. Claire wanted to know if she could see her. Kayla said she could see her. Jake told Kate that she threatened to kill Charlie. Kate wanted to know when she did that. He told her what she said. She said she said it, but she didn’t mean it. She said she didn’t do it. He said he would protect her if she did. She said she would tell him if she did it. She said she was innocent. He said he believed her. He said they had to figure out who stole the gun. Ben asked Kayla why Ciara would remember everything in her life, but him. She said she knew it was hard, but he kept the faith for so long. He said he was never going to lose the faith. He said Ciara was his life and they loved each other. He said she had to remember him. Claire asked if Ciara if she remembered her. Ciara said she was the b*tch who slept with her boyfriend Tripp.

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