B&B Short Recap Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Outside of her house, Steffy is very happy because Finn gave her an engagement ring and told her that her unborn child is his. They go inside, and Finn gives her the details about Vinny and the paternity results. They’re excited about the future. Finn assures her that Thomas didn’t know anything about what Vinny did. In fact, he’s the one that exposed him, and they owe him for this miracle. They’re both ecstatic. She tells him how much she loves him, and he loves her, too. They kiss.

At their cottage, Liam is worried because Hope and Thomas have some big news for him. Thomas leaves them alone. After a long while, trying to be sensitive to his feelings, Hope tells Liam the good news that Steffy’s baby is Finn’s. He doesn’t really believe it until she explains the specifics. She also lets him know that Thomas was not behind any of Vinny’s plan. At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke discuss Steffy moving to Paris and Finn running out to stop her. Ridge hopes that Finn can win her over. Thomas arrives, so they tell him about Steffy and Finn. Eventually, Thomas tells them that the baby is Finn’s, not Liam’s. They’re shocked.

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