Days Short Recap Monday, March 15, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben talked to Marlena about Ciara and how he didn’t want to lose her again. Sarah tried to get Kristen to let her go. Sarah said she wouldn’t tell anyone what she was doing. Kristen said she had too many scruples. Sarah told her it was her wedding day. Kristen said it would be time for her to think about her decision. Sarah told her that Xander would look for her and she would tell what Kristen did. When Kristen didn’t look concerned, Sarah asked if she was going to kill her. Jack told Julie that Ciara was alive. Claire saw Theo at the hospital. She told him that Ciara was alive, but she was hurt. Ben told Marlena what happened when he rescued Ciara. Kristen told Sarah that she wasn’t a killer. Sarah said Hailey Chin would disagree. Kristen said it was an accident. She said she was at the wrong place at the wrong time like Hailey. Sarah wanted to know what she was going to do with her. Jack told Julie that he wanted to wait to tell Doug. Julie asked if he wanted to be sure that Ciara was going to be all right. Ben told Marlena that he wouldn’t be able to prepare himself for Ciara possibly dying after all the hope he had. Marlena said Ciara was a survivor. She said they have been through so much together. She said they have been each other’s strength. She said he believed that Ciara was alive. She said Ciara would come back to him.

Marlena told Ben that she had a connection with John. She said she could feel his pain. She told Ben that he and Ciara had love. She said she knew Ciara was feeling his love. Claire told Theo what happened with Evan and how Shawn got shot. She ended up asking him about his relationship. He told her they broke up. Kristen told Sarah that Xander would look for her so the further away she was the better. She said Stefano had a deserted island to keep people who knew too much. Sarah asked if she was being serious. Kristen said her family meant everything to her. Sarah said she should have thought about that before she broke out of prison. Kristen told her not to make her regret not killing her. Sarah told her she was going to be sorry. She said Xander wouldn’t stop looking for her and would find out the truth. She said he was going to make her pay. Kristen said Xander wouldn’t look for her if she broke his heart and dumped him. Sarah said she wouldn’t break Xander’s heart. Kristen took Sarah’s phone and said that she didn’t want to marry Xander. Sarah said he wouldn’t believe it unless it came from her mouth. Xander ended up calling Sarah. Claire told Theo that she dated a sociopath. He asked if she thought Sami killed Charlie. Ben started coughing a lot. Marlena wanted him to get checked. He said he wasn’t going anywhere until Ciara was out of surgery. He thanked her for being there. Kristen told Sarah that she would be able to convince Xander that she didn’t want to see him again. Kristen said she would tell him that she never got over what he did with her baby. Sarah said she forgave him. Sarah told her being Susan wasn’t the way to be with Brady and Rachel. Sarah said she would do anything she could to help her. She said the authorities would go easy on her. She told her to let her go for Rachel. Kristen said she couldn’t do it. Sarah told her to send the text. She said Xander wouldn’t believe that she would break up with him unless she was standing in front of her. Kristen said she gave her a great idea.

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