Days Short Recap Friday, March 12, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah was surprised to see Kristen at Basic Black. She realized Kristen was pretending to be Susan. Kristen confessed to it, but tried to explain it because Chloe was after Brady. She wanted Sarah to keep her secret. Sarah told her that she couldn’t do that for her. Kristen reminded her that she gave Xander a pass. Sarah told her that Xander changed. She knew he did bad things, but he wasn’t like that anymore. Kristen reminded her how he allowed her to fall in love with a baby that wasn’t hers. She wouldn’t forget he did that, but she knew he did it because he loved her. Chloe talked to Brady about her encounter with Susan. She said Susan made her realize something she hadn’t thought of before. She thought about Kristen convincing her that she loved Brady. Brady wanted her to talk to him about it. She was about to when Xander and Jack arrived at the pub. He told them he was getting married. They didn’t care that he was getting married. Chloe felt sorry for Sarah. Rex showed up at the pub and wondered who would marry Xander. Xander told him how he was the one marrying Sarah. He couldn’t believe Sarah would marry him. They ended up arguing until Xander told him the best man won. Jack stopped Xander from arguing with him. Rex said Sarah still had time to back out of the wedding.

Ben looked through the glass and noticed the wreck. He demanded that Evan let him in the room. Evan did what he wanted, but he warned him that it wasn’t safe. He told Ben to come back another day to look for Ciara’s body. Ben hit him with the gun and knocked him out. He was determined to find Ciara. He started looking through the rubble to find Ciara. He started choking but he lifted up the mattress. He found Ciara passed out under it. Ben tried to call for help. Evan pointed the gun at Ben. Ben wasn’t worried about Evan shooting them because his story with Ciara wasn’t going to end like that. The debris fell on Evan when he was about to shoot them. He ended up collapsing. Belle met Shawn at the hospital and he told her about Ciara. He wanted to help Ben find Ciara. Claire went to call Ben when he walked in the hospital with Ciara. Sarah didn’t want to explain to Kristen why she was able to forgive Xander. Kristen tried to explain herself, but Sarah wasn’t willing to believe it. Sarah thought she might hurt someone. She called Brady to tell him what happened. Kristen hit her in the head and knocked her out.

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