Y&R Short Recap Friday, March 12, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Abby goes to her doctor and they are able to retrieve ten eggs to be fertilized and she, Ashley, and Mariah wait until the doctor calls to tell them how many embryos are viable to be put into Mariah. Devon tells Elena that it is best they move on because too much has happened for them to get back together. Devon and Elena end up making love and Devon tells Elena they will talk again when he decides how he feels about her and Amanda. Ashland Locke is impressed by Victoria and asks her to dinner to discuss her business proposal in more detail. Victoria tells Ashland that they should schedule dinner at a time when his wife can go with them. Billy later confronts Victoria and admits he is hurt because she put in a bid for Ashland’s company because she wanted to protect him from Adam and Victor. Billy wonders why Victoria would want to protect. Victoria admits she still loves him. Rey and Sharon have a long emotional session with their marriage counselor and once the counselor leaves they continue to talk. Rey encourages Sharon to be honest or the sessions won’t work. Rey suddenly gets dizzy and feels cold and a few seconds later passes out.

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