B&B Short Recap Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Spencer, Flo tells Wyatt how much she appreciates him….especially for going to bat for her with Katie. Shauna arrives, and they chat about Flo being forgiven by her aunts. Flo leaves after getting a text from Katie. Shauna worries about why they’ve called her back over there. At Forrester, Brooke, Katie and Donna discuss their meeting yesterday with Flo. Katie has an idea about how to welcome Flo into the family. Ridge arrives, so they fill him in on their forgiving Flo. Katie suggests that they hire Flo on at Forrester Creations. Flo arrives, at Katie’s request, so they offer her a job. Katie says she’ll be working with her in the PR department. Flo is blown away and accepts the job.

Also at Forrester, Carter works on some legal documents with Ridge. Ridge wants to know how he’s doing. They discuss Zoe. Carter isn’t sure that he can trust her again. At another part of Forrester, Paris talks about her work, but Zoe is too busy worrying about Carter and whether she ruined things with him. Zende arrives just as they mention him. Zende thinks that Zoe just made a mistake, so Carter should forgive her. Paris and Zende chat about Zoe. He’s amazed that Paris is worried about her sister, considering Zoe hasn’t been that supportive of her. He tells Paris that he has a surprise for her. Later, Zoe goes to see Carter and begs his forgiveness some more.

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