Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Billy finds out that Victoria is the third bidder for Ashland Locke’s media company. Nikki figures out Victoria wants to buy the company because she wants Billy back and she wants to sell the company to Billy if she wins the bid. Victoria insists she just wants to stop an all-out war between Adam, Victor, and Billy. The three bidders practice their pitches and then get a call that Ashland Locke has arrived in town. Nick tells Faith that the girl who put the vodka bottle in her locker has confessed and has been suspended by the school. Faith can now return to school with a clean record although she is nervous she is determined to face the bullies. Sharon is worried when another gift from Adam is missing. Sharon tells Nick that she thinks Faith might be bipolar since she might be stealing things which is a symptom when bipolar disorder first manifests itself. Chelsea texts Chloe, and once they are alone she stands for a minute and then talks to Chloe. Chelsea asks Chloe to hide a duffle bag for her and explains her plan to get free of Adam.

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