Days Short Recap Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire told Julie about her and Ben’s theory that Ciara was alive. Claire told her about the dream that Ben had about Ciara being alive. Julie wanted to tell the police. Claire said they couldn’t because Rhodes disappeared. She said she and Ben were going to bring Ciara home. Evan went to see Ben and was upset that he wasn’t there. Ben took Orpheus’ phone and showed it to Shawn. Ben told him that Evan had Ciara. Shawn didn’t was shocked. Ben said the only way to find her was through the phone. Paulina gave Abe a hard time about Salem not having black owned businesses. Claire told Julie that she couldn’t tell Doug because they didn’t have proof. Julie agreed not to tell Doug. Claire wanted to wait until they had good news. Shawn told Ben that the songs were made in Brookeville. Ben wondered if Ciara could have been there the whole time. Shawn said Evan didn’t even have to be at the location. Ben said his father told him that Evan was on to him so they might not have long. Evan said Ben had to come home eventually. Gabi told Roman that she was dumped. He said he didn’t know she was seeing someone. She said Jake told her that he wanted to be with Kate. When she was insulting Kate, Roman defended her. He said he thought Jake wasn’t good enough for Kate. Gabi wanted to know what his problem he had with Jake. Abe took Paulina to Julie’s. Paulina met Julie and was surprised that she was going to the twins’ christening. Abe told her Julies was named after her. Paulina wanted to know why the baby would be named after her.

Shawn was upset with Ben for ruining their chance at finding Ciara when Shawn made him get off the phone with Clyde. Claire went to Ben’s apartment. She saw Evan there and was surprised. Roman told Gabi that Kate could do better than Jake. Gabi said Jake could do better than Kate. Gabi said she could do better than Jake. Claire wanted to know who Evan was. When he was about to leave, she said she knew who he was. Shawn told Ben that Evan was in Salem. Claire told Evan that he was the guy at the gym. Evan said she realized who he was. She was going to leave, but he told her to tell him who she was. Shawn told Ben where the call came from. Ben said that was where he lived. Evan wanted Claire to tell him who she was. She said she was Claire Brady. He said she knew who he was. She said she had to leave. He said Ben couldn’t know where he was. He asked if she was related to Ciara. Claire said she’s her aunt. He said Ciara screwed up his life. She said he ruined his own life. He warned her about the way she was talking to him. She wanted to know what he was going to do to Ben. He said he was going to kill him. He said while they waited for Ben to come home, he was going to decide what to do with her.

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