Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Anna tried to stop Chad from going in the wine cellar. She offered to go and get a bottle of wine. He wanted to do it himself. She yelled at him not to go down there. Gabi stopped Abby from stabbing her with the needle. Abby wanted her to move out of her way. Gabi said she wasn’t going back to prison because she lost her marbles. She said she was done. Kate and Jake argued over Gabi. Gabi tried to stop Abby from stabbing Gwen. Abby told Gabi that she wasn’t going to help her get Jake back. Gabi told Abby to get out of there. Abby ended up leaving. Gwen thanked her from saving her from that lunatic. Gabi said not to thank her just yet. Jake told Kate that he didn’t have a relationship with Gabi. Kate said he was using her to convince himself that he didn’t have feelings for Gabi. Gabi told Gwen that she wasn’t going to let her go because she would go to the police. Gabi said she was okay for letting her stay in the cellar. Gwen told her leaving her there was still murder. Gabi said it wasn’t if no one knew she was there. Gwen said Anna or somebody else might come down there. Gwen told Gabi that she wouldn’t tell the police about her involvement in the kidnapping if she let her go. She said Abby was their enemy. Gabi was convinced to let her go. Chad saw Abby coming out of the tunnel. He wanted to know why she was down there. Before she could answer, Gwen came out and said Abby tried to kidnap her.

Gabi went to see Jake. She told him that she stopped a murder. Abby told Chad not to listen to Gwen. Gwen told Chad that Abby locked her in the basement to get her to confess to murdering Laura. She said Abby threatened to stab her with a needle. Chad asked if it was true. Abby tried to go after her, but he stopped her. Abby said she couldn’t believe Gabi let her out. Gwen said she was going to the police. She said she was going to tell them she did it all. Jake asked Gabi if she was there for a pat on the back. She said she had to tell someone. He asked why she had to tell him. She said he was her only friend. He said they weren’t friends. He wanted to know why he would help Abby get a confession. He said everyone knew Gwen drugged Abby so why did she need a confession. Gabi said she went along with it to get him back. He told her he didn’t want to be with her. Gwen told Chad that she was going to the police. Chad told her that Laura’s death was still open. Gwen said she was innocent. She said Abby needed to be locked up. When Gwen left, Chad told Abby that she ruined everything. She told him that Gwen needed to pay. She said he defended her. He wanted to know how long she was planning on doing this. He asked if she wanted to come home so she could have access to the tunnels. She said she would never use him that way. He said he didn’t know anymore. Jake told Gabi that they were over. She said he felt something when they kissed. She said he still had feelings for her. He said he did have feelings for her. Gwen went to the police to report a murder. Chad and Abby argued over her torturing her in the basement. He wanted to know how long it was going to last. She said it wasn’t going to be over until Gwen was no longer a part of their lives. Jake said he didn’t want to watch Gabi waste her time chasing after a man who wasn’t hers. He asked her if she understood what he was saying. She said she got the message loud and clear. She said she wouldn’t be back. Chad wanted to know how Abby was going to get Gwen out of their lives. She said she would do whatever it takes. He asked her if it was worth going to prison. She said it was. He walked away from her.

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