Y&R Short Recap Monday, March 8 2021

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Recap written by Christine

A figurine that Adam gave Sharon years ago went missing from the living room. Faith’s suspension had been lifted, and she was living at Sharon’s again. Faith told Sharon and Rey she hoped they worked things out. Sharon was reluctant to get couple’s therapy, and Rey thought it was because she was afraid the therapist would say she needed to cut Adam out of her life for good. Sharon called a therapist and made an appointment. Faith got a text from a mystery person praising her for handling the mean girls at school. Sharon apologized for acting out of fear when it came to Faith’s issues, and they agreed that they wanted to fix their relationship. Billy scheduled a meeting with Ashland Locke. Lily knew Victor would come after them if they were able to purchase the company, but she was ready for the fight. Jack agreed to finance ChanceComm’s bid to buy Cyaxares. Victoria also secured a meeting with Ashland. Nikki was unhappy to hear that Victoria and Victor were on opposing sides again. Victoria explained that she wanted to buy Cyaxares out from under Victor and Adam in order to protect Billy.

Adam agreed to team up with Victor and run Cyaxares. He assured Victor that he wasn’t planning to double cross him. They were committed to making the company a success and destroying Billy. Victor was concerned Adam would spend time with Sharon and ruin things with Chelsea. Adam was adamant that Sharon was out of his life. He didn’t want Chelsea to ever find out about the kiss. He was devoted to Chelsea and Connor. Nikki told Victor she didn’t approve of him pitting Adam and Victoria against each other. Victor said he didn’t care that she disapproved. He felt he’d given two of his kids an opportunity, and he wanted to see who’d come out on top. Chloe learned that Chelsea could talk. Chelsea swore Chloe to secrecy, because she wanted Adam to believe she was helpless. Speaking from experience, Chloe warned Chelsea not to let vengeance against Adam consume her. Chelsea wasn’t planning anything drastic, just a clean break from Adam. Adam told Chelsea about his upcoming job and said he was going to crush Billy. She said to herself that he’d never have the chance, because she was going to crush Adam first.

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