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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle told Sami she was going to quit representing her because she lied about touching the gun. Sami told her she didn’t kill Charlie. Belle wanted to know why she came back to Salem without telling anyone. She wanted to know why she went to Charlie’s apartment. She asked why her hands were on the gun. She asked why she lied to her. She said Sami was acting guilty. Rafe told Ava that Sami was arrested for killing Charlie. Ava asked if she believed her. Rafe told her he would make sure justice was done. She said she believed justice was done. Lucas called Shawn and found out Sami was arrested for murder. He told Allie about it and she blamed herself for Sami getting arrested. Chad wanted to know why Abby was with Gabi. Abby said she wanted to apologize to her. He wanted to know why she would do that. She said for falsely accusing her of drugging her. Gabi said it better be good and heartfelt. Abby apologized to her. Gabi wanted to know why she would forgive her. Anna found Gwen in the tunnel. Gwen told her Abby and Gabi locked her up. Anna wanted to know if they wanted her to die. Gwen said Abby wanted her to confess to killing her grandmother. Anna asked if she did. Gwen said she didn’t. Gwen asked if she could untie her. Anna said she could. Sami wanted Belle to get her out of this mess. Belle didn’t know how she could. Belle told her she knew her prints were on the gun and she would find out. She said she lied to her face. Sami said she was going to help her. Sami said despite how they felt about each other; there was nothing they wouldn’t do for each other. Belle agreed to stay, but she said she was done with her if she lied to her again. Rafe wanted to know why Ava thought justice was done. Ava said Sami was a mother who wanted to protect her child. He said the case wasn’t done. She said Sami’s prints were on the gun. He said it was far from over. He said it was complicated because Sami was his ex wife. Ava said it was the same thing with Charlie. Lucas asked Allie why she thought it was her fault that Sami was arrested. Before she could answer, Tripp showed up. Allie said she wanted to see him about Charlie, but she didn’t know what to say. He said he didn’t know what to wear either. He said he was glad Charlie was dead.

Belle asked Sami why she picked up the gun. Sami said she wasn’t thinking. Belle wanted to know if she was protecting someone. She said Allie would be the number one suspect if she weren’t charged. Sami said she didn’t do it. Belle wanted to know how she knew. Sami said she knew. Sami said Charlie had a lot of enemies that would have killed him. Ava and Rafe talked about Charlie and how she wasn’t much of a mother to him. When they finished talking, she told him she was going to pack. He told her she didn’t have to. Tripp told Allie and Lucas that Charlie threatened to kill him. Anna said she could help Gwen. Gwen told her where the box cutter was. Anna walked past it to get a bottle of wine. Anna said she wouldn’t help her. Abby apologized to Gabi. Gabi reminded her about setting her up for Andre’s murder. Abby said she didn’t have to go way back. Gabi asked if she got to pick and choose why she was sorry. Abby told Chad to leave. When he left, Abby told Gabi about bringing up Andre. Gabi said she had to make it look believable. Abby asked if it was an act. Gabi said she would never get over what she did to her. Abby said she wouldn’t forget either. Allie told Tripp that her mother was arrested for Charlie’s murder. He said he would be there for Henry. He asked if Ava could meet Henry. Allie agreed to let Ava meet Henry. Lucas didn’t think it was a good idea. Allie thought it was. Abby and Gwen argued over Rolf’s drug. Gabi thought they weren’t going to use it on Gwen. Gwen told Anna that she would be an accessory to kidnapping if she left her there. Anna said no one would care that she was gone. Rafe went to see Belle and Sami. He was surprised that Belle was still there. Belle said she believed her. Belle said Sami picked up the gun, but never fired it. Rafe asked if that was her story. Sami said she never fired the gun. Belle said if the fingerprints were all he had, Sami should be free to go. Rafe said the prints weren’t all he had. Belle wanted to know what else he had on her. Rafe said he got the ballistics report from the lab. He said Sami’s clothes had gunshot residue all over them. Tripp went to see Ava. He and Allie brought Henry to see her. Abby and Gabi went to see Gwen. Gwen told them that Anna was there. Abby told Gabi that Anna couldn’t say anything. Gwen said she wasn’t going to confess. Abby showed her Rolf’s drugs. Abby wanted to inject Gwen with the drug. Abby wanted Gabi to record the confession. Gabi wanted Gwen to confess to framing her. Abby didn’t want to worry about that right now. Gabi wanted to make her pay for framing her. Abby agreed and told her to answer Gabi first. Sami told Belle that she could explain the gunshot residue. Rafe asked if she thought she could wash the evidence off her hands. He told her to confess to killing Charlie. Ava thanked Allie for letting her see Henry. Ava apologized to her for what Charlie did. Rafe told Sami that she was going to be arraigned soon. He said he wanted to help her, but now he couldn’t. Belle told her that she quit. She said she was on her own.

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