Days Short Recap Friday, March 5, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen woke up and realized she was tied up. She got scared because she didn’t know where she was. She did remember making a deal with Gabi. Abby was ready to check on Gwen when Chad showed up. He let her know he made an appointment with a marriage counselor. He told her they had to meet the counselor in an hour. She let him know she couldn’t make it. She had to cancel. He didn’t understand what could be more important than them working on their marriage. She told him that he should have thought about their marriage when he believed Gwen’s lies over her. He thought about what she said and decided to reschedule the session. He walked out of the room so Abby went to check on Gwen. Gwen thought Gabi was going to be the one to see her, but it ended up being Abby. Gwen put two and two together and realized they were working together. Abby let her know where she was and how she’s back in the mansion with Chad. She also told her how he wants to be with her. Abby was willing to let Gwen go if she admitted to what she did to her grandmother. Abby recorded their conversation. Gwen decided to rub it in how she slept with Chad. Gwen told her how she was a better mother to her children than she was. She let Abby know that she didn’t kill Laura. Abby let her know she wouldn’t get room service there. Gwen said she was fine with not eating much. She said it would be hard for her because she planned on screaming. Abby was happy to let her know the walls were soundproof. No one would hear her scream. Abby believed Gwen would get tired of living like that and sign the confession.

Chad returned and noticed that Abby was missing. Anna walked in the room and they talked about his marriage. Anna believed they would work things out. Chad was afraid they wouldn’t. She offered for him to have lunch with Tony and her. He didn’t want to feel like the odd man out. He wanted to take the kids out. She assured him things would go back to normal. He was afraid she was just too consumed with Gwen. Anna wasn’t surprised by that. She advised him to give Abby time to get over what happened. She decided to go to the cellar to get some wine for Tony. She went to the basement and Gwen started screaming. Anna checked on the noise and was shocked to see Gwen. Philip met with Gabi at the town square and let her know the bad news about Gabi Chic. He told her there was an order to stop construction on the company. Jake and Kate arrived and they told her how they were responsible. They announced they were working together. Jake rubbed in the mistakes Gabi made in her face. Philip wanted to talk to Kate alone. He wanted answers from his mother. She told him how she was working with Jake. Philip told her how she was giving Gabi what she wanted. He told her how Gabi would be focused on getting her company back and going after Jake. Kate wasn’t worried about Gabi going after Jake. He warned her how Jake and Gabi will be going after each other. She reminded him how much she hated Jake. Philip reminded her that enemies become great lovers. He didn’t want to see her get hurt and advised her to buy another place. Gabi was upset with Jake for going through with buying out her company with Kate. She teased him about Mommy Dearest helping him. She told him Kate would eventually take the company and get rid of him. She warned him that she can be just as ruthless as Kate and never stops until she gets what she wants. Abby showed up and stopped them because she wanted to talk to Gabi. Abby wanted Gabi to take her to Dr. Rolf so she could get the drug that would make Gwen talk. Gabi warned her that it’s not like going to a pharmacy and ordering what you want. Gabi asked her if she even knew which drugs she needed. Abby said she did because it was on her toxicology report. Chad ran into them and was shocked to see them together.

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