B&B Short Recap Friday, March 5, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

In Carter’s office, Zoe keeps trying to convince Carter that she still wants to marry him and that she still loves him. He demands to know why she acted the way she did. He tells her that he didn’t think he would get married after his past, where he was hurt. He changed his mind and wanted to marry Zoe, but she threw his love away. He yells at her a lot. She promises that she wasn’t just playing him. She claims that Zende was just a shiny object that distracted her from her fear about marrying him. She blames her past relationships with her dad, Xander and Thomas, but he doesn’t buy it. She apologizes for hurting him and says that she loves him. She’s not scared any more of commitment and wants to marry him. She begs him for another chance. Meanwhile, in the CEO’s office, Brooke looks over Zende’s designs admiringly. Ridge is worried about Carter’s problems with Zoe, and how she turned her attentions to Zende. He tells her that Zoe begged him to talk to Carter on her behalf. Brooke wonders if Zoe really loves him, but he doesn’t think Carter believes a word she says. Brooke knows about Carter’s past with Maya (the only other woman he was serious about). Ridge tells her that he advised Carter to think about what he really wants. Ridge checks with Carter’s office and find out that he’s out of the building. Brooke guesses that he and Zoe are having things out.

Paris admires the Forrester mansion, which Zende has brought her to for dinner. They flirt, and he compliments her quite a lot. He impresses her with a catered dinner that he chose himself. Then he tells her that he designed a dress for her to wear. She’s shocked but touched. After she tries on the long blue dress that he made for her, he declares that she’s his muse. She offers to help with the food, but he insists that she is the lady of the manor and shouldn’t lift a finger. They toast to the future. He jokes about the food he has planned and offers another toast to her.

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