Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack and Abby argued over her attacking Gwen. Abby tried to convince him that Gwen killed Laura. He was convinced that Gwen was innocent. Abby wanted to know if he believed Gwen. He said he did. Gabi went to see Gwen. Gabi said she didn’t blame her for framing her. Gwen was surprised that Gabi didn’t want to get revenge on her. Gabi told her Abby told her the same thing. Sarah ran into Chloe and told her that she and Xander were getting married. Chloe warned her not to marry him. Philip went to see Brady. He said he wanted to get Brady something since he was the reason why Brady was shot. Kristen said it was Chloe’s fault. Chloe told Sarah that she was kidnapped by a drug cartel. She said Xander left her there. She said she killed the guy. She said it could have been avoided if he didn’t leave her there. Sarah apologized to her for what happened. She said Xander changed. She said she has forgiven him for his past. She said they were in love with each other and were happy. Chloe said she wished them the best. She said spending time with Susan was starting to rub off on her. Philip told Kristen that the mob was trying to shoot at him. Kristen said Chloe blamed herself too. She said Brady wouldn’t have been caught in the line of fire if she didn’t help him. Philip said that would be the last thing Chloe would want considering how she felt about Brady. Kristen wanted to know how Chloe felt about Brady. Gabi told Gwen that Abby was talking about her. Gabi said Abby tried to apologize to her. Gwen wanted to know why. Gabi said Abby told her to get revenge on her for killing Laura. Gwen said she didn’t kill Laura. Gabi said Abby wanted her to team up with her to get back at her. Abby couldn’t believe Jack was defending Gwen. He said he wasn’t defending her. He said Gwen had a hard life growing up. He said he wasn’t there for her. He said he was trying to make up for that. Gabi told Gwen that Abby wanted to team up to get revenge on her. Gabi said Abby was the one who framed her and sent her to prison. She said she hated Gwen, but she hated Abby more than she did her. Abby told Jack that it wasn’t his fault that Gwen grew up the way she did. Abby said people without parents grow up to be decent people. Kristen wanted Philip to tell her how Chloe feels about Brady. Philip said Chloe didn’t say it in words. He said he wanted to get back together with Chloe, but she wasn’t interested. When Kristen started to insult Chloe, Philip wanted to know why she cared so much.

Kristen told Philip that she grew to care about Brady and Chloe was moving in on him. Philip said he wasn’t saying Chloe was moving in on Brady. He said he thought Chloe was interested in him. Kristen was happy that it was one sided. Philip said he wasn’t sure. Kristen wanted to know what that meant. Philip said Brady seemed jealous at the idea of him being with Chloe. Kristen said Brady belonged with his baby’s mother. Philip said Kristen was in jail. He said Kristen deserved to stay in jail for shooting his father. He said while Kristen was in jail, Brady might fall for Chloe. Kristen told him to do something about it. Abby told Jack that Gwen was dangerous and her goal was to break up the family. She said they couldn’t let her do that. Jack said he had to make Gwen realize that she didn’t have to lash out. He said she might forgive him. She said there was nothing to forgive. Gabi and Gwen talked about things never being Abby’s fault. Gabi told Gwen that she wanted to bury the hatchet down Abby’s back. Chloe and Sarah talked about Brady. Chloe said she and Brady were friends. She said Brady was involved with Kristen. Sarah said Kristen was in prison and a lot could happen. Abby told Jack that she would never forgive Gwen after what she has done. She said it wasn’t possible for him to be on both of their sides. He wanted to know if she was asking him to choose. She said she was. Gabi tried to convince Gwen to work with her to get back at Abby. Jack told Abby he loved her. She said to protect her and the family. He said he knew that Gwen did terrible things, but he couldn’t turn his back on her. Abby said Gwen killed Laura. He wanted her to see that Gwen was innocent. Abby said Gwen killed her grandmother and she was going to prove it.

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