Y&R Short Recap Monday, March 1, 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Ashley returned and visited Abby. Abby confided she was worried something would go wrong. Devon and Amanda spent the night together. She wanted to draft a donor contract that would protect him and the child. He wasn’t concerned about legal issues, and he said this wouldn’t be his child. She admitted that someone giving up their child was a trigger to her because of how she grew up, but she knew he wasn’t the type to do that. Abby gave Devon a framed picture of Katherine to thank him. He told Abby he wanted to make sure his contract protected her, Chance, and the baby. Amanda was moved by Devon’s protectiveness of his friend. Sensing something was bothering Summer, Victor reached out to Phyllis. She told him to let Summer handle herself, but he said he always took care of his own. Ashley told Victor that she was worried Abby was headed for heartbreak, but he was optimistic that Abby would get the child she wanted. Summer returned from her trip to L.A. and had words with Sally. Sally implied there was more to Kyle’s secret than an affair. When Summer asked what she was talking about, Sally told her to ask Kyle. Tara came to town and told Kyle that Harrison was his son. She didn’t want the secret to come out because Harrison loved the father who was raising him and because Ashland crushed the people who crossed him. Kyle confided all this in Mariah. He wasn’t sure what to do or if he should tell Summer. She told him that secrets had a way of coming out. Sally overheard Mariah tell Kyle to consider her advice. Mariah and Tessa met with Brittany Hodges to draw up a surrogacy contract. At Brittany and Tessa’s urging, Mariah agreed to see Sharon as a therapist for any issues that cropped up during the surrogacy. Tessa assured Mariah that she fully supported her being a surrogate. Tessa thought they could use this time to figure out whether they wanted a baby of their own. Phyllis told Summer that she’d decided to investigate Sally. Phyllis hoped that Sally would lose the support of Jack and Lauren and leave town. Summer wanted to handle things herself, but Phyllis was undaunted. Phyllis broke into Sally’s room and took her laptop. She saw that Sally did online searches on the Abbotts and on Summer’s engagement to Kyle. She called Lauren and asked to meet. Jack overheard Kyle asking Sally what was going on between her and Jack. Sally said Jack was generous and genuine. Jack talked to Kyle alone and said his friendship with Sally was none of Kyle’s concern. Summer overheard Jack ask Kyle why he suddenly booked then canceled a flight to NY.

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