Days Short Recap Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Charlie admitted that he raped Allie. Claire thanked him for admitting it. She wanted him to leave, but he didn’t want to go. He wanted them to pick up where they left off when they were about to make love. Kate told Jake that she wanted to kill Charlie. Jake told her that she shouldn’t do it. She didn’t think he cared. He wanted to know why. She said he was worried about Gabi. She wasn’t sure if he was upset about losing the deal for Gabi Chic or the person. Kristen stopped Chloe from helping Brady with his wound. She accused Chloe of trying to hit on Brady. Chloe and Brady said nothing was going on. Kristen said she wanted to help him. He said he didn’t want her help. Chloe reminded her that they were close before. Kristen said that was a long time ago. He said to let Chloe do it. Kristen agreed to it. Kate asked Jake why he didn’t tell her that he was with Gabi. He told her that Gabi came on to him. Philip told Gabi that he was having second thoughts about the deal. She wanted to know why. He said she sounded obsessed with Jake. She said she wasn’t obsessed. He said she sounded more obsessed about Jake than she did about Titan. Claire told Charlie that she wanted to be with him, but her parents were going to be home. He wanted to know why she invited him over. She said she didn’t realize they would be home. He agreed to leave. He suggested that she come over to his place. She told him she would meet him there. He suggested that she come with him and they could shower together. Her phone started ringing. He wondered why her phone was ringing when she said she silenced it. He checked her phone and saw that she was recording something for 20 minutes. She said she must have hit record. He said he had a feeling that it wasn’t an accident. Kristen told Brady and Chloe about Chloe being responsible for what happened to him. Chloe and Brady told her it wasn’t her fault. Kristen brought up Rachel and wanted to know where she was. Gabi told Philip that she didn’t want anything to do with Jake. Philip said he didn’t trust it. He wanted to know if she was out to destroy Jake or wanted him to take her back. Jake told Kate that Gabi tried to kiss him. Kate wanted to know what happened. Jake lied about having sex with her. He said he rejected her. He told her to stop being jealous or they would be done.

Kate asked Jake how she was supposed to react when he told her that Gabi came on to him. He said he turned her down. He wanted to show her that he wanted her. Gabi told Philip that Jake wanted to be with Kate. He asked her if she was sure she was done with him. She told him that he turned her down. She asked him if he knew what that was like. He opened up to her about Chloe. Brady told Kristen that Rachel was with John and Marlena. Kristen said Chloe should leave. Chloe wanted to know why since Rachel loved her. Kristen said Rachel had her father. Charlie played the recording and heard his confession. He confronted her about setting him up. He said he was stupid to fall for her act. He said he wanted her back so badly that he didn’t see what she was doing. He said he couldn’t believe he was so stupid. She told him to leave. He said she started it and he was going to finish it. Gabi told Philip that he was too good for Chloe. She wanted to know if Chloe was interested in someone else. He said she was interested in Brady. She said they were in similar positions. She said they could destroy Basic Black. When Charlie was about to attack Claire, Belle showed up and told him to get away from her daughter. Gabi told Philip if they destroyed the competition, Brady and Chloe wouldn’t work together. Philip agreed with her. They made the deal each other. Claire told Belle that she got a confession out of Charlie. She said it was on her phone. Belle and Charlie went after the phone.

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