Y&R Short Recap Monday, February 22 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Devon and Amanda discussed Abby’s surrogacy woes, and it made him think of Hilary and their child. Devon told Abby, Mariah and Nina that he was willing to donate his sperm to them. Kyle confided in Mariah that he might have a child as a result of an affair. He didn’t hate the idea of being a father, but he didn’t think he could be in the child’s life, because the man currently raising the child was dangerous. She advised him to tell Summer about this. Kyle got interrupted as he tried to tell Summer something. Summer spent time with Faith and came away convinced that Faith was telling the truth about the vodka in her locker being planted by bullies. Summer admitted that she’d bullied a boy once. Sharon and Rey argued about Adam. He wasn’t sure she was really ready to cut Adam out of her life. He also thought that she should think about how her decision to interact with Adam would affect Faith. Faith saw the tension between Sharon and Rey and wondered what Sharon did. Faith confronted Sharon after someone sent her a picture of Sharon kissing Adam. Phyllis was unhappy when she saw Jack and Sally bonding. Phyllis warned Jack about Sally, but Jack felt that Phyllis should give Sally a chance. Phyllis told Sally that she saw through her act. Summer and Phyllis agreed to protect Jack from Sally.

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