Days Short Recap Monday, February 22, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan talked to Kristen about Chloe being with Brady. Kristen told her that they had to trade places right away. Claire called Charlie so they could meet. Charlie loved the idea that she wanted to meet him. He agreed to meet with her. When she got of the phone, she said it was the only way to get a confession out of him. Allie apologized to Tripp. He said he forgave her. He said he would be a jerk if he didn’t forgive her after what Charlie did to her. Charlie went to see Claire. He was glad that she was willing to see him. She set up her phone to record their conversation. When Kristen got off the phone with Susan, Vivian busted her talking to her. Vivian figured out Kristen’s plan. Kristen denied pretending to be Susan at first.

When Kristen admitted to her plan, Vivian said it wasn’t a good plan. Kristen said it was the best she could come up with. Vivian said she had to take care of a few things on the outside. She said she could get some years taken off her sentence if she told the warden what she was up to. Kristen wanted to know what she wanted to keep quiet. Brady and Chloe started talking about Gabi being competition for their company. Brady said Philip was going to be competition. While they were talking, Brady wanted to know why Philip thought she had feelings for him. She told him Philip kissed her. Charlie asked Claire if she thought he was telling the truth about the rape being consensual. She said she didn’t. She said she believed Allie. He wanted to know why she wanted to see him. She said she thought she could get past it. Charlie wanted to know what Claire meant by getting past what he did. She said what he did was bad, but she did bad things too. She reminded him about the fires she started. She said he never judged her so she couldn’t judge him. Allie thanked Tripp for defending her. She said she wanted to see good in him because of Henry.

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