Days Short Recap Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor told Xander that Philip wasn’t fired. Xander was upset. Victor told him that Philip resigned. Xander was relieved until Victor told him that he didn’t accept his resignation. Laura went to see Gwen so she could explain what she did. Gwen allowed her to explain. Laura told her she would have done something if she knew that Gwen’s mother wouldn’t have taken care of her. Gwen thought she wouldn’t have done anything. Laura said she was thinking about her own family. Xander wanted to know why Victor wasn’t letting Philip quit. Victor said Philip is his son and Titan was going to be his one day. Xander wanted to know what was going to happen to him. Victor said they would both be CEOs. Susan went to see Kristen. Kristen asked her about Brady. While they were talking, Susan told her Chloe was going to see her. Laura told Gwen that she felt like she couldn’t let her mother turn her daughter’s life upside down. Gwen wanted to know what she did to Jennifer. Laura didn’t want to tell her. Gwen wanted to know what she did that would justify turning her mother away. Laura told her that she slept with Jack. Gwen couldn’t believe that Laura slept with Jack. Laura told her she was sick and never met Jack. She told Gwen that she met Jack at the Meadow. She said it was a treatment center. Gwen said it was romantic. Laura said that wasn’t how it was. She said she went to see Jennifer and then saw Jack. Gwen asked if she tried to keep it from Jennifer. Gwen said the secret came out and then her mother came to town. Laura said she couldn’t come between Jack and Jennifer. She said Abby needed her parents. Gwen asked if she thought about what she needed. Laura said she knew it sounded cold, but she had to fix things. Xander was furious that Victor didn’t make Philip pay for what he did. Xander reminded Victor that he was the one who discovered that Philip was laundering money. He wanted Philip to be demoted, but Victor didn’t want to demote him. Xander said he didn’t know what he was doing there. Susan told Kristen that she saw Chloe getting ready to see Brady. Kristen wanted to know what Chloe said about Brady. Susan said Chloe told her that she was glad Brady was okay and that he meant a lot to her. Susan asked if that was sweet. Kristen said it wasn’t because Chloe was trying to take Brady from her while she was in prison.

Gwen told Laura that her life changed because two messed up people couldn’t be honest with each other. Gwen thought she might have had a father and a home. She thought she might have been different. She thought she and Abby might have been close. She said she might not have been a manipulative b*tch. Susan thought Kristen wanted her to spy on Brady and Chloe and report back to her. Kristen said she wanted to watch them herself. Victor told Xander that he and Philip were going to be CEO. He said nothing was changing. Xander said nothing ever did. He said no matter how much Philip messed up, he was given the benefit of the doubt. He said no matter what he did it was never enough. He brought up how he switched the babies for him. Victor said he did it for Sarah. Xander said he did it for him so he could protect Maggie. He said he did a lot and it was for nothing. Victor wanted to know what he was trying to say. Xander told him that he quit. Susan wanted to know how Kristen was going to keep an eye on Brady and Chloe while she was in prison. Susan asked if she was breaking out of prison. Kristen said she had a way to walk out without people knowing about it. Xander told Victor that he hoped he would find his place at Titan. Victor told him he wasn’t going to chase after him. Xander said it wouldn’t have done anything if he did because it was too late. When Xander left, Victor told Philip that he enjoyed what happened. Philip said he didn’t and walked out. Laura apologized to Gwen for what she did. Gwen asked if she could give her her life back. Laura told her she could have her family. Gwen said it was too late. Laura said it wasn’t too late. Gwen asked if she thought Abby would accept her as her sister after she slept with her husband. She said Jack said he wanted to be her father, but it was just guilt. She told Laura that the damage she did couldn’t be undone. Laura apologized. She said it was a mistake for her to come. Gwen stopped her from leaving. Gwen told her that she wanted revenge because she ruined her life and wasn’t going to get away with it. Kristen tried to convince Susan to switch places with her.

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