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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli wanted Ivan to get away from the door. Ivan was impressed with his and Lani’s sleuthing. Lani demanded to know where her babies were. Ivan told them they were still alive. Chloe told Philip that Brady was okay. He was thankful for that. He thought his relationship with his father was in jeopardy. Kristen called Brady to check on him. He said he was fine, but he was upset. She was upset too and blamed Chloe for what happened. He was mad at her for what she did. Susan told Claire and Ben that Ciara was trapped in a glass box. Ciara tried to get away from Rhodes, but he grabbed her hand. She managed to get away, but he grabbed his gun to stop her from leaving. Philip thought everyone blamed him for what happened to Brady. Chloe told him one person didn’t blame him. She let him know that Kristen blamed her for what happened. Brady and Kristen argued over her breaking out of jail. Philip and Chloe talked about Kristen being after her. He regretted getting her help, but she didn’t mind doing it. He was grateful that she was always by his side. She told him that he was her friend. He wondered if that’s all they were. He kissed her. Eli and Lani warned Ivan to step aside. Ivan figured the doctor told them where to find him. Eli told him they were coming inside, but Ivan told them it would be a mistake. Ben was surprised when Susan said there was a gun. He wanted to know what happened. Claire asked her if the gun was fired and she said she lost the signal. Ben asked her to try again, but the signal was lost. She said there might be a way to connect to Ciara.

Rhodes warned Ciara that he had no problem shooting her. She reminded him that Vincent wasn’t paying him to guard a corpse. She knew he wasn’t going to shoot her. Susan held Ben’s hands and realized that Ciara was fighting to get back to him. She continued to visualize what happened when Claire interrupted her. Rhodes let Ciara know he was tired of guarding her. He also told her how he had one thing in his favor. The world thought she was dead so he could kill her. She gave in and went back inside the room. Kristen thought Chloe guilted Brady into helping her. Kristen confronted Brady about lying to her. He admitted that he lied. She wanted to know why he lied to her unless something was going on with Chloe. Chloe stopped the kiss with Philip. He thought he was trying to fix things. He admitted he made the biggest mistake by letting him go. He wanted to have another chance with her. Eli couldn’t believe Ivan threatened his kids while he had a gun to his head. Ivan knew Eli and Lani wanted to be reunited with the babies, but they had to do it a certain way. He said Vivian was fragile so getting the babies would be hard. Lani offered to talk to her. He reminded her that she killed her son. He thought she would hurt them to get back at her. Susan continued to have visions about Ciara. She screamed because a gun went off. Ciara fought Rhodes over the gun. He told her one of them could have been killed. She thought someone heard the gunshot. He reminded her the room was soundproof. He warned her the next time someone got hurt it would be her. Ben wanted to know what else happened. Susan didn’t see anymore. Ben demanded she try harder to find out what happened to Ciara. Claire stopped Ben from forcing Susan to tell him about Ciara. Brady continued to explain to Kristen why he didn’t tell her about Chloe. Chloe thought Philip was dealing with too much right now. Philip recapped what he did and realized he wouldn’t be good for her. He wondered if she was interested in another former boyfriend. Eli refused to give up his gun. Lani was willing to leave her gun in the hallway. Eli wanted to make sure Ivan wasn’t armed. Eli put down his gun. They went inside the apartment and she noticed a towel. Lani picked it up and sniffed it. Chloe told Philip that Brady was just a friend and she wasn’t interested in him. Philip reminded her that Kristen was going to be in prison longer so he would want to be with her. She said Brady loved Kristen. He told her Brady was jealous when he thought they slept together. Kristen thought Brady would fall for someone else while she was in jail. He didn’t like how she did something to keep them away from each other. Susan showed up in Brady’s room. Ben felt like he lost Ciara all over again. Ciara called out for help. Ivan wanted Eli and Lani’s phones. He told them their children were on the other side of the door. He wanted them to promise they would be gentle with Vivian. Eli demanded he let them in the apartment. They went inside the bedroom and he locked them in the room. Ivan went to Vivian and lied about who was at the door. Vivian appreciated what he did for her. He refused to let anyone get in the way of her raising her children. Chloe thought Philip should focus on what he’s dealing with now and not about her and Brady. He wanted to clean up his act and hoped they would get back together. Kristen was upset that Susan was free and she was stuck in prison. She had an idea about Susan. Susan talked to Brady about having a premonition about him being shot.

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