B&B Short Recap Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Forrester, Carter and Ridge talk about Zoe. Ridge wonders if she feels the same way that Carter does. Carter is sure she does and asks Ridge to be his best man. Ridge agrees. Paris arrives and is surprised that Zoe hasn’t set a date yet. Carter leaves Ridge and Paris alone. Ridge praises Carter and chats with Paris about Zoe. Paris thinks Zoe is committed to Carter, but Ridge isn’t so sure. Meanwhile, Zoe shows Zende the late text he sent her that fateful night, when she was with Carter. She tells him that it’s not too late for them. He thinks it is. Paris overhears them arguing. Zoe wonders if her future is with him and not Carter. Zende urges her to focus on Carter and not him. Paris blasts Zoe for wanting Zende. Zoe pretends not to know what she means but tells her to mind her own business. Paris insists on pointing out what a risk she’s taking. She predicts that this will end in disaster. Ridge calls Zende to his office to talk about Zoe.

Bill is restless in his office while Wyatt sits there, working. Bill gripes and complains, and he wonders where Liam is. Wyatt knows that Bill is grumpy because he misses Katie. Katie arrives, so Bill compliments her. She brings him a business-related game that he can play with Will. Wyatt tells her that she should stay because Bill is in a better mood when she’s around. It’s a funny but awkward scene. Bill compliments her again, which makes her suspicious. Bill orders Wyatt out, so he leaves. Bill tells Katie how much he’s missed her and how sorry he is for hurting her. She points out that he keeps doing this. Katie gets upset as they discuss what he’s done. She wants Will to have someone to admire. Bill tells her how much he misses and needs her, and he begs her to let him come home.

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