B&B Short Recap Thursday, January 28, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Ridge and Paris have another conversation about Zoe and whether she really loves Carter…or Zende. Paris tries not to rat her sister out. Carter comes by, looking for Zoe. He hopes they can set the wedding date tonight. He thanks Ridge for agreeing to be his best man. After he leaves, Ridge interrogates her more. It’s clear that Ridge doesn’t believe Paris when she says she’s not sure where Zoe is. He leaves. Paris keeps trying to text Zoe, but she doesn’t answer. Carter comes by with some paperwork. He leaves it for Ridge and tells Paris that he can’t wait to get home to Zoe. He thinks tonight will be huge for them. Meanwhile, Zoe and Zende are at the Forrester mansion, where she thinks they can be alone together, to see where their relationship goes. They keep arguing about Carter. Zende tells her that there can be no future for them because she’s engaged to Carter. She thinks this is their one chance to see if they can be together. Zende refuses to betray Carter. Ridge arrives and hears them talking. Zoe walks toward Zende, but he backs up. Ridge walks in and demands to know what’s going on.

Bill is in his office, thinking about Katie and what she told him yesterday. Wyatt and Flo come by to invite him for dinner. They console him about Katie. Flo thinks Katie will forgive him and take him back. Meanwhile, Katie chats with Donna about Bill. Katie still loves Bill but isn’t sure she can trust him again. Bill phones her and thanks her again for coming by. He hopes she heard him; he heard what she said. He begs her again for one more chance. He says “no pressure,” but he does bring pressure.

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