B&B Short Recap Friday, January 29, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

At the Forrester Mansion, Ridge berates Zoe for trying to get with Zende. He advises her to go tell Carter what’s going on. Zoe tries to deny it, but Ridge heard and saw them. He also blasts Zende for betraying Carter. He yells at them both, saying “Shame on you.” They try to deny that they were cheating on Carter, but Ridge knows better. He keeps yelling at them. Zoe claims that she was just scared about how fast she and Carter are moving. She insists that she loves Carter and doesn’t want to lose him. Ridge thinks she’s only saying that because Zende turned her down. Ridge plans to tell Carter about this, but Zoe asks him not to. Zende asks Ridge to let Zoe handle it. Zoe claims passionately that Carter is everything to her. Ridge leaves without telling them what he plans to do. Later, Paris goes to the Forrester mansion, where Zende is sitting, thinking as he stares the fire. With his shirt unbuttoned, of course! Zende tells her that Zoe left. He tries to be evasive about why Zoe was there, but Paris knows what’s going on. Zende protests that he would never hurt Carter, but Paris knows that Zoe has a thing for him, and she’s playing Carter. She accuses Zende of not doing anything to stop it. He assures her that nothing happened with Zoe. Paris thinks that Zoe is just freaking out because of being engaged and is self-sabotaging like she usually does. He tells her that he’s told Zoe that they can’t be together. She thinks that Carter deserves better, and he agrees. She asks him honestly what he wants. He replies that he wants to get to know her better.

Carter chats with Paris at Forrester Creations about his impending wedding. Paris wants to tell Carter the truth about Zoe, but Donna arrives, looking for Zoe. Carter tells Paris that nothing she can tell him about Zoe will shock him. Donna leaves. Carter doesn’t want to hear what Paris has to say. He’s expecting a call, so she leaves. Donna shows some photos of Zoe to Ridge at the office. He’s not in a good mood, which she can tell. He asks if she’s seen Carter, so she tells him that he was there earlier with a conference call. She tells him that Carter has a big night planned with Zoe to pick a wedding date. Carter, still at Forrester, finds Zoe, who finally texted him back. She tells him that they should pick a wedding date right away. He’s surprised at her sudden about-face. She mentions that the men in her life usually let her down, but he insists that he’s not like that and will never let her down. Meanwhile, Ridge walks up and eavesdrop on them. She tells him that he’s the man for her. She pours out her feelings and explains why she was scared. They both say, “I love you.” She promises that she’ll be a loving and devoted wife like he deserves.

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