Days of Our Lives Short Recap Friday, January 15, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Brady does some research to try to help Philip out of his jam. Chloe thanks him for his help. He reminds her that he’s doing it for her, not Philip. He tells her how Kristen got mad about seeing them kiss on New Year’s Eve. He talks a little bit about Kristen being in jail. They have a nice chat about the past. At Titan, Xander calls out for Charlie, wondering where his smoothie is. Philip comes in and tells him that Charlie’s not coming in. He shows him the newspaper article that says Charlie’s been arrested for kidnapping. Xander can’t believe it. Xander tells Philip that he knows Philip is laundering money through the company for Ava and the Vitali family. He also tells Philip that he and Sarah were pretending to be broken up so that they could spy on him and that he deleted his shell corporation that he was using to launder the money. Philip, shocked, scowls at him and wonders why he hasn’t already told Victor. Xander worries about Victor’s health but does plan to tell him about Philip, and how he saved Titan from Philip. Philip tells him that Victor won’t be so grateful when the Vitalis kill him. He goes to Brady and Chloe to vent that Xander put a target on his back.

Belle brings Claire, who’s lying on her bed, some tea, and asks how she’s doing. Belle is very upset about Charlie. She’s blaming herself for falling for his lies. She feels pathetic and desperate. They talk about Charlie a lot. Belle is very supportive. Claire starts to have doubts for a moment about whether Charlie is really guilty or not. She gets very upset and starts crying about how she’s in love with Charlie. They hug. At the hospital, Nicole overhears Kayla telling Rafe that Ava was drugged. She guesses that Charlie did it, but Kayla won’t share confidential information with her. Kayla only tells her that she sent Ava for a brain scan. At the police station, Rafe questions Charlie about keeping Ava tied up in his apartment, drugging her and confessing to raping Allie. Charlie knows from this lawyer that Ava has said a lot of strange things that didn’t happen. Charlie decides to tell Rafe that Ava came to his apartment, confused and talking about knives. He tied her up so that she wouldn’t hurt herself. Rafe quickly points out how absurd that story is. He gets Charlie to let it slip that Ava is his mother. Charlie tells him that he’s done talking without a lawyer. Nicole barges in to yell at Charlie. Rafe pulls her back and leaves with Charlie. Later, Rafe argues with her about getting involved in this investigation. Rafe gets bad news on the phone and tells her that Charlie made bail.  Meanwhile, Tripp gets Charlie’s toothbrush from his apartment and puts it in a plastic bag. He hears someone coming, so he grabs a baseball bat and hits the person who walks in – Steve! Steve chews him out for not leaving things to the police. When Tripp points out that he’s there, too, Steve tells him that he’s there to keep Tripp from messing up. Tripp is determined to prove that Charlie is his brother and might be Allie’s rapist. They go to the hospital to bring Kayla the toothbrush. She agrees to run the test and says some nice things to Tripp. Steve hears the bad news from Rafe about Charlie getting out on bail. Tripp goes to Ava’s room to wait for her. He realizes that he doesn’t have his cell phone. He remembers that he left it on a table in Charlie’s place. He goes out to get it. He grabs his phone and is leaving right when Charlie arrives.

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